If You Were Me and Lived in Middle Ages

Wow. The Middle Ages! Such a unique time period. If you really want to teach kids how to appreciate life as they know it, this is where I would start. If You Were Me and Lived in Middle Ages Book Review If You Were Me and Lived in Middle Ages takes kids on a journey back […]

summer reading tips and games

Summer Reading Tips and Games

Summer has been coming along in full swing. Before you know it, it will be time to head back to school. Here are a few tips to help make sure your kids keep up with summer reading. Summer Reading Tips Summer Reading Tips Every family is different. You all have different schedules and do different […]

Travel with Baby in Comfort

When it comes to traveling with baby, there are so many things that can go wrong. Baby needs a nap, his diaper is all soiled or you just need to put him down. In addition you have so many things on hand, Bagy Bed seems to solve al of the problems. Travel with Baby in […]

Jefferson’s America Book Review

Thomas Jefferson was a hero. He was not only a political figure who turned president, but he send out many explorers to help turn America Great again. Jefferson’s America Julie M. Fenster Book Review From what I remember learning in school, Thomas Jefferson was one of our presidents. After serving under John Adams, he become […]

An Elegant Facade Book Review

A book that can combine Pride and Prejudice along with Jane Eyre in an amazing audience captivating read, is a must. If you have read any of the two, you are sure to enjoy An Elegant Facade. An Elegant Facade Kristie Ann Hunter Book Review Georgina is nothing less than perfect. In all white, perfect smile and […]

dangerous apps for kids

Technology Warning: BurnNote and Other Dangerous Apps

We do a lot to protect our kids, but do we do enough? Granted, we baby proof our homes and teach “stranger danger” to our children. Unfortunately, many of us buy into the misconception that as our sons and daughters age, our job of being on the lookout for every threat and danger will get […]

very silly sentences game

Sentence Structure Learning Ideas

Many years back, we got Very Silly Sentences Game. I want to share with you some amazing ways we use this game to increase the kids vocabulary and sentence structures. Sentence Structure Learning Ideas Nouns The first thing I like to teach the kids are all about nouns. They are the basics when it comes […]

this summer let your kids be kids

Its Summer! Let Kids Be Kids

Well it is summer time. I do give the girls a lot more freedom that many, but it was this past trip that got me thinking, maybe it is time to let kids be kids. Let Kids Be Kids this Summer Explanation Before I get started this needs some explaining. Yes your kids are your […]

Elizabethan England

If You Were Me and Lived In… Elizabethan England

If you were a child, and happen to have been born in Elizabethan England, the world would have been a very different place. To find out more, read If You Were Me and Lived In… Elizabethan England. If You Were Me and Lived In… Elizabethan England About Elizabethan England Elizabethan England was a very different […]

Best Product Video of the Week: Rainbow Blocks

This week I had no choice but to choose the Rainbow Blocks. In addition to all the of the wonderful toys we had, this was the only one that provided kids with open ended play as well as a way to turn STEM into STEAM. Check out why we loved them so much. Rainbow Blocks […]

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