disceez an indoor and outdoor disk for kids

Indoor Bad Weather Activity

Not a fan of bad weather. I am always looking for fun indoor activities to share with the kids. Thankfully disceez is one of those toys that will keep them happy and physically active. Indoor Bad Weather Activity What do you think of letting your kids get physical and wild indoors?   Pros: gives kids movement […]

best dry erase markers for classroom use

Best Dry Erase Markers A Classroom Can Ask For

My classroom is always looking for the best dry erase markers. We use them for literally every subject. These markers are a must see. Best Dry Erase Markers A Classroom Can Ask For What subject do you dry erase board markers for most?   Pros: comes in great colors, all or the colors are nice and […]

no frogs in school

No Frogs in School Book

If you are looking for the perfect book to read on the first day of school, No Frogs in School comes highly recommended by me. No Frogs in School Book Book Summary Bartholomew loves his pets. He has so many in his room, he wanted nothing more than to show them to his teacher Mr. […]

giggle wiggle family fun game

Giggle Wiggle Worm Fun

You have to purchase Giggle Wiggle to see how much fun it can be. The kids keep taking the game and playing. A few times, I even caught the adults in on the action. This game is highly recommended by us. Giggle Wiggle Worm Fun What game do your kids love most of all?   […]

sequence game

Sequence My Favorite Game as a Child

When I was younger, I remember spending my summers playing Sequence. This game brought back so many fond memories. I am thrilled to not only share this game with my testers, but with all of you. Sequence My Favorite Game as a Child What was your favorite childhood game?   Pros: fun game, easy to learn, […]


Walkie-Talkies to Improve Language

Helping children learn articulation can be difficult. These walkie-talkies make language all the fun. Walkie-Talkies to Improve Language What are some other ways you make language fun?   Pros: makes language fun, easy for the kids to hold, comes in fun colors, fast to set up, simple to use Cons: for a toy, this uses […]

bookshelf to encourage reading and autonomy

Encourage Reading and Autonomy

See how this pretty bookshelf can promote both a love of reading and autonomy in toddlers and younger children. Encourage Reading and Autonomy What are some subtle ways you help your kids foster a love of reading?   Pros: looks pretty, has an earthy feel to it, keeps books in display so kids can see what […]

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