melvin and simon memory game

A Fun Twist on a Memory Classic

If your kids have played memory, Melvin and Simon takes a new approach. A Fun Twist on a Memory Classic I know growing up, I had a memory game. I loved the game and spend hours playing. It was fun to see this version. Melvin and Simon puts a fun twist on a classic. Using animals […]

rally up game

Learning Categories Through Games

We love Rally Up! It is simple a game that helps kids learn all about categories is a winner in my book. Learning Categories Through Games It is really important to learn categories. At first it may seem simple as kids can learn how to sort and organize, but categories is a beginner math skill as […]

spectrix game

Training Your Brain with Color

We totally love Spectrix. It is such a great game when it comes to training the kids brains. Training Your Brain with Color When it comes to kids and games, we are always looking for something innovative. Spectrix is not only a fun game, but it is great for teaching colors and training the kids brains. The kids […]

surf sharks book review

Surf Sharks The Bogus Beach Book Review

Follow all of the shakers and their surfers as they go on a surfing adventure. Surf Sharks The Bogus Beach is a cute book about sharks, problem solving and more. Surf Shakes the Bogus Beach By Shelley and Chance Wolf Book Summery On the way to their favorite beach, the surf sharks discover something fishy. […]

math hitting game

Math Hitting Game

If you have kids who may need some help tracking their addition, this math hitting game has proven to work. Math Hitting Game I wish to claim this game as my own, but I have to say it is a modification based on game a friend has shown me in the past. However, a little […]

ocean toob

Education of the Week: Ocean TOOB #HowiSafari

I think I just love all of the TOOB’s. Each one opens up a whole new leanring experience for the kids. They can play for hours while building habitats and learning and having fun. So well worth it. Ocean TOOB I recieved an ocean toob in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine […]

learning the ocean through play

Learning Through the Ocean TOOB #HowiSafari

We love learning through play. This week the kids got to explore all the wonders of the ocean with the Ocean TOOB. Learning Through the Ocean TOOB If you want to see how we combined block play with the Ocean TOOB, feel free to check out my YouTube video below. For now, I want to […]

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