thank you, miss doover

Thank You, Miss Doover Book Review

Thank You, Miss Doover is one of those books the kids love. While teaching all about letters, this book is done in such a humorous way, the kids want to read it more than once. Thank You, Miss Doover Book Review Book Summary Today in class, Jack and his classmates have to write a Thank […]

daddies do

Daddies Do Book Review with Giveaway

Daddies are very important. There is a lot they can do. Daddies Do Book Review Book Summary A Daddy is very important part of your life. There is a lot they can do including embarrass you during a school play, build forts, and tell you amazing stories. At the end of the day, they are […]

please explain anxiety to me

Please Explain Anxiety to Me! Book Review Plus Giveaway

Anxiety is something many kids have to go through. They often do not understand what it is, and how it affects them. With Please Explain Anxiety to Me!, your kids can start to heal. Please Explain Anxiety to Me! Book Review Book Review Dinosaurs were roaming the earth many years ago. Due to a natural response […]

Wild Dash Game Play

We got to try Wild Dash. The instructions are quite basic but still fun. I would say most appreciated by first graders. Wild Dash Game Play What do you think of this racing game? Pros: fun to play, reinforces counting by fives and tens, easy to learn, great math game Cons: instructions are very basic, little room […]

ice breaking book review

Ice Breaking Book Review

Ice Breaking is a fun story about a dog and her two boys. Ice Breaking Book Review Book Summary Clementine is a rescue dog. He enjoys heading outside with her two boys in the cold snow. Together they get to explore and see some of what nature has to offer covered in snow. While the […]

math you can play book series

Math You Can Play Book Series

So many kids hate math. Instead of making this subject a burden for them, the Math You Can Play book series brings all the fun back into the subject. From counting all the way to multiplication, your kids will be math pros in no time. Math You Can Play Book Series What are some fun […]

addition and multiplication game

Amazing Addition and Multiplication Game

Addition and Multiplication are super important skills. If the kids know them well, they can move on and accomplish many mathematics goals. Amazing Addition and Multiplication Game What are some ways you make addition and multiplication fun? Pros: grow with me game, easy to play, has two games, can be individually, 4 player games, forces kids […]

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