May 2017 Roundup

May was so amazing. Here is a little of what happened this May in our May 2017 Roundup. May 2017 Roundup May started off with some great balance. Kids who need to be active and love gymnastics can now practice spelling with your Balance Beam Spelling. It is amazing what happens when you have fun with […]

ibs diet and elimination cookbook

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook Book Review

A few months ago my doctor diagnosed me with IBS. Now I know I do not have IBS but in order to humor my doctor, I went on a low FODMAP diet. A few weeks after starving myself and eating bland food, my doctor agreed I was healthy. However, the one lesson I learned, I […]

chattanooga bicycle race

The Chattanooga Bicycle Race Book Review

If you love riding a bike, women’s rights, reform, and a good book, The Chattanooga Bicycle Race has all that and more. The Chattanooga Bicycle Race Book Review Book Review Anna Gaines was a typical southern lady. She was 19 years old, dressed respectably and was waiting to find a special someone who she would […]

Education of the Week: Suspend

Wow. Suspend is just so amazing. Just seeing the look on the kids faces as they focus and try to place all of the pieces without falling is so amazing. We tell our kids to concentrate and do their work, Suspend is one of those games that makes focusing fun. Education of the Week: Suspend What do you […]

staying organized while painting with kids

Tips for Staying Organized While Painting with Kids

If you have kids, you know what a mess painting with them can lead to. Now I love the kids and want to encourage as much creativity as possible, but there are some limitations. It turns out, this Crazy Susan was the perfect solution. Tips for Staying Organized While Painting with Kids What are some […]

proper pen grasp

Proper Pen Grasp

When it comes to education, I am pretty flexible. I usually let the children lead and have fun. However, when it comes to a proper pen grasp, I draw the line. Not wanting children to pick up bad behaviors, I give the children manipulatives to work on spelling and writing. it is only when they […]


Add Some Superhero Building Fun to Family Game Night

A Superhero is great. Kids love having fun playing and imagining what they can be. Lumpy is a game that takes Superhero’s and just makes it engaging.  Kids get to bond with the family while playing games. Add Some Superhero Building Fun to Family Game Night After watching the video, let me know what you […]

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