wooden blocks

5 Reasons Every House Should Have a Quality Set of Wooden Blocks

I have written in the past about an amazing Block Center. While it may seem all nice and wonderful, not every home has the space for such a large center. Unit blocks are not only big, but they are super expensive. However, Thanks to Back to Blocks, your home can have blocks in them. 5 […]

the acrylic painter

The Acrylic Painter Book Review

My very first real introduction to the arts, was through acrylics. I am a huge fan of acrylic painting and when I saw The Acrylic Painter, I was very interested on how others work with this medium. The Acrylic Painter James Van Patten Book Review I want to start of by stating it you are […]

fading starlight

Fading Starlight Book Review

So many teens are into fashion. Teaching empathy and how others feel, can be problematic. However, by reading Fading Starlight, you will accomplish both. A great teen fashion read with a great lesson and even better ending. Fading Starlight Kathryn Cushman Book Summary One day Lauren Summers finds she has the internship of a lifetime, […]

Millie’s Feathered Foster Family Book Review

Kids love learning about animals. Some children do not live with their birth parents. For one reason or the next, Millie’s Feathered Foster Family is a book that will help make the transition easier. Millie’s Feathered Foster Family About Millie’s Feathered Foster Family Turkey Baby arrived at Farmer Cate’s farm. She was little and had […]

Top Product Video of the Week: Picasso Tiles

I love toys that provide hours of open ended play. Of all the amazing toys I had this week, I will have to go with Picasso Tiles. A simple concept of magnets will keep the kids building for hours on end. With such endless education, this is a winner this week. Picasso Tiles For a […]

homemade vintage to do list

Homemade Vintage To Do List

I will admit, I have always been forgetful. No matter how hard I try, I will forget something or two. I realize by creating lists, I get more done. Homemade Vintage To Do List My Inspiration In addition to getting Chalkboard Labels, I had some vintage contact paper lying around. I had a small wall […]

spring service writing prompts

Spring Service Writing Prompts

During spring, it is not uncommon to hear of different services from mowing the lawn to cleaning the garage. I have put a fun twist with our Spring Service Writing Prompts. Spring Service Writing Prompts Have your kids look at the writing prompt list and choose one of the topics. The main idea is how […]

stem in motion

STEM Magnetic Tiles in Motion

So many kids love building. Wooden blocks are great and all, but magnetic tiles offer a whole new experience. Kids love building and taking Magnetic Tiles in Motion Magnetic Tiles in Motion Choosing Quality Tiles Before you let your kids explore with magnetic tiles, you want to make sure they are safe. A good quality […]

simple calligraphy

Simply Calligraphy Book Review

Today calligraphy is a dying art. Not only are children not learning how to write calligraphy, but writing in general is a dying art. Simply Calligraphy sounded like a great book. Simply Calligraphy Judy Detrick My History with Calligraphy When I was in highschool, a few friends and I were curious about calligraphy. We did not have […]

Best Product Video of the Week Go Away Monster

We love games. The best kind of game, is a game to play with toddlers. Go Away Monster is just the right game. Ge Away Monster  

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