hydro strike game review

Fun Indoor Gaming Idea

If you are looking for a fun indoor game that will keep your kids busy, check out Hydro Strike. This game was fun and engaging. We had a lot of good laughs together. The kids have been asking to play the game more often then not. Fun Indoor Gaming Idea What do you think of […]

keys to the capital game

Learn US Geography in No Time

I think Keys to the Capitals is my new favorite geography game. I currently have a few learners who are learning the States and Capitals. This game is great. It allows us to review important geography skills as we move along the board in a race collect the most states. Learn US Geography in No […]

how to play wizards and witches

How to Play Wizards and Witches

There is something magical and mystical about wizards and witches. If you teen likes a nice magical fantasy, they will enjoy this game during their next gathering. How to Play Wizards and Witches Is you teenager into fantasy? Pros: fun game, great for teens, lots of people can play, stunning graphics Cons: not fun in […]

Activity Gifts for Her

I love kids. When it comes to giving them a little extra something, I like to give gifts that will us more then once. This Bracelet Making Kit is a great option. Activity Gifts for Her What are your favorite gifts to give her? Pros: fun, creative, huge assortment of beads, lovely colors, nice charms, lots of […]

thunder pug book review

Thunder Pug Book Review and Giveaway

If you are looking for a real heartwarming story that will teach your children about the power of friendship, Thunder Pug is a great choice. Thunder Pug Book Review and Giveaway Do your children appreciate a nice pig/dog friendship tale? Book Summary: Percy and Petunia are great friends. One day, they have to go on […]

water fight card game

Water Fight for Family Game Night

It may be to cold to head outside, but having a water fight has never been more fun. Just gather a large group of friends and try to get your opponent out before they get you. Water Fight for Family Game Night Do you usually have a large crowd for game night? Pros: fun for […]

Toddler Friendly Electric Toothbrush

Oral care is super important. With new toddlers and young children learning how to bruth their teeth, haveing a good toothbrush can be key. This toothbrush has a lot to offer young learners. Toddler Friendly Electric Toothbrush Do your children use electornic toothbrushes? Pros: easy to hold, safe in the bathroom, bristles on all sides, […]

pirates family game

Pirates Family Card Game

If your family is into pirates and fun, check out this cute card game. Pirates Family Card Game Is your family into pirate games? Review I received Pirates in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

viking games review

Battle the Vikings Card Game

If you are into Viking and video games, this card game might be up your alley. Battle the Vikings Card Game After you watch my video review, please share your opinion with me on this game? There is not much I can say on this game. As for theory and rules, I feel this game […]

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