united states debate game

50 United States Debate Games for the Family

You can now learn all about the United States through this fun debate game. An amazing way to have fun while familiarizing yourself with important facts about the states. 50 United States Debate Games for the Family What are some fun ways your kids have remembered fun facts about the states? Pros: 50 games, games can […]

nature's lullaby fills the night

Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night: Book Review

Nature’s Lullaby is such a fun book. While your kid heads off into dream world, it is great to fill their imagination with nature. Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night: Book Review Summary Nature’s Lullaby Fills the Night takes kids through the evening hours of the night. The kids get a real taste of what happens […]

feasible planet

Feasible Planet: Book Review

Feasible Planet has some great idea. We all want to protect our planet earth, but getting started can be difficult. For the beginner, this book can put the reader on the right track. Feasible Planet: Book Review Summary: Over the past few years I have been trying to make better choices like shutting off the […]

snowman paul at the concert hall

Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall: Book Review

Snowman Paul wanted a chance to perform. See what happens in Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall. Snowman Paul at the Concert Hall: Book Review Summary Snowman Paul wants to play the fiddle. However, he is not the best of singers. Wanting to keep Paul from singing, Dan gives him his fiddle. Paul is very […]

sum fun math game

Customizable Math Fun for the Whole Family

If you are looking for an innovative way to have math fun for the whole family, Sum Fun might be just the game. This game is simple to learn and can be customized in any and every math way possible. Plus it is one of those grow with me games. Yes you, your kindergarten child, […]

expanding your vocabulary with volangualry

Expanding Your Vocabulary Through Fun and Games

Expanding your vocabulary can be fun. With Volangulary, all you need is a group of kids, and you are ready to learn. The best part of this vocabulary game, this game will grow with your kids. Just start as soon as they learn to read and the sky is the limit. Expanding Your Vocabulary Through […]

how to raise a wild child

How to Raise a Wild Child: Book Review

I do not have a Wild Child. I will say this is partly my fault. I was raised mainly indoors and I just repeated the same with my girls. After reading this book, while I may not have much time left. I have a good idea where to start. How to Raise a Wild Child: […]

science stumpers

Is this a Game or a Book?

Would you consider Science Stumpers a game or a book? Filled with wonderful information, this can be both. You will have to watch the video and come to a conclusion for your self. Is this a Game or a Book? What do you think? Would your kids consider Science Stumpers more of a game or […]

eyeball boxing game play

How to Play Eyeball Boxing

As it turned out Eyeball Boxing is a real hit with the teens. This game literally has it all. From punches to steals and even a referee, this game will keep everyone on edge trying to build hotdogs. How to Play Eyeball Boxing If your family has played Eyeball Boxing let us know what you think about […]

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