Toddler Friendly Electric Toothbrush

Oral care is super important. With new toddlers and young children learning how to bruth their teeth, haveing a good toothbrush can be key. This toothbrush has a lot to offer young learners. Toddler Friendly Electric Toothbrush Do your children use electornic toothbrushes? Pros: easy to hold, safe in the bathroom, bristles on all sides, […]

pirates family game

Pirates Family Card Game

If your family is into pirates and fun, check out this cute card game. Pirates Family Card Game Is your family into pirate games? Review I received Pirates in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

viking games review

Battle the Vikings Card Game

If you are into Viking and video games, this card game might be up your alley. Battle the Vikings Card Game After you watch my video review, please share your opinion with me on this game? There is not much I can say on this game. As for theory and rules, I feel this game […]

word nerd silly sentences game

Make Sentences Like Never Before

I love word games. Anything to make learning English fun is perfect. This game puts a whole new twist on sentence building. Make Sentences Like Never Before What word games do your learner enjoy? Pros: great for older kids, fun for teenagers, helps children learn English, fun way to play with language, nice classroom addition Educational […]

fun dodgeball card game

Dodgeball Card Game Review

Dodgeball is a fun game to play outside. However, this card game brings a whole new meaning to the game. Dodgeball Card Game Review Do you enjoy a nice game of dodgeball? Pros: fun game, easy to play, Note: The larger the group, the more fun the game. My Overall Opinion: Dodgeball is a great game. I think […]

locomo outdoor toy pet review

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Toy Pet

Take your kids out doors and have fun with nature in a whole new way. Locomo toys are designed to be fun and outside. Great for families who want more nature fun. Eco-Friendly Outdoor Toy Pet How do you encourage your family to head outside? Pros: cute designs, colors are nice and earthy, cute characters, […]

Blam! A Different Sort of Card Game

If you are looking for a game that is both fun and different from what you have played in the past, Blam! is the game to check out. Blam! A Different Sort of Card Game Have you ever played Blam!? Pros: can be fun, easy to learn Cons: it was not our favorite My Overall Opinion: As a […]

snowball fight card game

Snowball Fight Card Game

Playing card games are something we enjoy on a cold winter evening. How appropriate is this game Snowball Fight? Snowball Fight Card Game Does your family enjoy a nice card game on a cold night? Pros: fun game, great for older children, does not require reading to play Cons: not as much fun with a smaller […]

oregon trail board game review

Oregon Trail Game Review

I grew up playing the game. It was fun. My friends and I have such fond memories of Oregon Trail so having the ability to test this game out was so much fun for us. Oregon Trail Game Review Have you played the original Oregon Trail game? Pros: brings back fond memories, can make a great […]

crazy food fight game

Crazy Food Fight Card Game

Food Fight Card Game is one of those games you never know what is going to happen. One second you are protected, and the next turn two pies are thrown at you. A fun crazy game where the more players, the more fun. Crazy Food Fight Card Game What is the craziest game you played? […]

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