corola marker set

Corla Marker Art Unboxing

The kids love markers. Check out the unboxing. You will see first hand what we thought of the Corla Marker art set. There were so many to try out, I have to say you must see it to believe it. Corla Marker Art Unboxing 12 Color Set: 18 Color Set: 24 Color Set: […]

the princess and the ruby

The Princess and the Ruby An Autism Fairy Tale Book Review

So many children today are diagnosed with Autism. The Princess and the Ruby an Autism Fairy Tale is a cute book for kids. The Princess and the Ruby An Autism Fairy Tale Book Review Book Review I work with special needs children in an inclusion setting. While we will never point out a child’s diagnosis, […]

education of the week stickers

Education of the Week: Stickers

The kids love stickers. Ever since I opened them up, they have been used for crafting, education, and just for fun. A great addition to any homeschool or classroom. Education of the Week: Stickers Do your kids love stickers as much as mine? 40 Sheets Puffy, 800 3D Stickers: 45 Pack Scratch and Sniff: 80 […]

mega sticker unboxing from purple ladybug novelty

Mega Sticker Unboxing

If you love stickers, this Mega Sticker Unboxing is for you. After I finished with the unboxing, the kids could not get enough of the stickers. You and your kids will not believe the amount of stickers and how adorable they are. You must get these sets for your classroom, homeschool, or crafting. Check out […]

the many sounds of long e

The Many Sound of Long E

The Long E has so many ways to write it. Since kids often get confused with the spelling, here are some ways we teach the kids the Long E. The Many Sound of Long E How did your kids learn the Long E sounds? Long A: For the complete Literacy Tuesday program, tips, tricks, and ideas […]

happy presidents day

Happy President’s Day 2017

I want to wish you all a very happy President’s day 2017. Happy President’s Day 2017 Since it is President’s Day, I thought it would be a good idea for me to share some of our amazing patriotic games with all of you. While your kids have off, you may as well learn more about […]

Uscolia A Book Review Every Educator Must Read

Uscolia, sounds like a myth but this should be the future of parenting and education. Uscolia A Book Review Every Educator Must Read When I first opened up Uscolia, I have to admit I thought it was going to be a work of fiction. Gabriel was out on a bet and ended up lost on […]

annabelle secret

Annabelle’s Secret Book Review

If your kids were violated in any way, the sooner you seek help and reassure them life is okay, the better of socially and emotionally they will be. Annabelle’s Secret is a book to get you started. Annabelle’s Secret Book Review Book Review Annabelle was a bright little girl who loved playing. One day she […]

if you were me and lived on mars

If You Were Me and Lived on… Mars Book Review

If your kids love space, you should check out If You Were Me and Lived on… Mars. If You Were Me and Lived on… Mars Book Review Book Review With science on the move, living on Mars might not be such a foreign idea. In If You Were Me and Lived on… Mars the kids can take […]

juxtabo game

JuxTaBo for Pre-Writing Skills

You will have to see the video to see how we use JuxTaBo for pre-writing skills. Finger form and having fun is the key. JuxTaBo for Pre-Writing Skills What do you think of this fun innovative way to have fun with writing? Affiliate Purchase: JuxTaBo Review: Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) I received JuxTaBo in exchange […]

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