tobo tracks

Education of the Week: Tobo Tracks

Tobo Tracks are really one of a kind. Such a simple concept, yet endless opportunities to problem solve and learn all while having fun building a community. Who can ask for more? Education of the Week: Tobo Tracks After watching the video, what do you think of Tobo Tracks? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) Click Image to Purchase I received […]


Kids Talk About Feelings Card Game

If you have a toddler, I am sure you are not fond of irritable behaviors. The one way we deal with these emotions, is to introduce feelings to them. The more your child understands, the more they can communicate and problem solve. What Do I Feel? turns the importance of feelings into fun and games. […]

Best Toy Track System for Play

Best Toy Track System for Play

The boys love their train tracks. However, they mostly use it for trains. The Tobo Track system is so unique and amazing, the only way to discribe them is to watch the video below. Best Toy Track System for Play After you watch the video, let me know what you think of Tobo Track. Do you […]

this road we traveled

This Road We Traveled: Book Review

This Road We Traveled is a very different book. All of the past books I have read from the Oregon Trail were told from the perspective on history or from a young person’s point of view. Tabby, on the other hand, is very different. This Road We Traveled: Book Review Book Summary Tabbitha Brown, also […]


Education of the Week: JuxTaBo

What can I say? I am a huge fan of games that teach all ages and levels. JuxTaBo is one of those games. One simple game and not only will the older kids have fun, but you can use this for learning as well as play with your toddlers. A real game for a family […]


The Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game

If you are looking for a family friendly, dice throwing game, Spectracube might be the place to start. Family Friendly, Dice Throwing Game What can I say, Spectracube is loads of fun. From giving young kids the ability to throw dice and match colors, from practicing math, this game has it all. My all time favorite feature, […]

jux ta bo

Colorful Family Fun

There is nothing like a good family game night when filled with wonderful colors. Colorful Family Fun Juxtabo is a unique game. It takes the concept of a basic grid, fills it with disks, and has kids having hours of fun. Support Play-Based Education! I received this game in exchange for an honest review. All […]

fuzzy fella

The Fuzzy Fella: Book Review

I am very blown away when I read The Fuzzy Fella. The first time reading it, I thought I knew the ending, but boy was I wrong. Your kids will love how this one turns out. The Fuzzy Fella: Book Review Summery It turns out The Fuzzy Fella lives everywhere. Sadly no one can see […]

matties pledge

Mattie’s Pledge: Book Review

Mattie is a fun little girl of courting age. She has not taken her pledge to the church when her family is decided to move. Mattie’s Pledge: Book Review About Mattie is a girl full of an adventurous heart. Being Amish she has led a very plain life, but she wants to see more. She […]

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