bring your own book

Best Product Video of the Week: Bring Your Own Book

We love Bring Your Own Book. Not only is this a fun game filled with hilarious writing prompts, but it is a great way to get kids excited about literature both old and new. A must play for the readers in your family. Bring Your Own Book Check out all of our Favorite Toys and […]

baseball with a twist

Enjoy Baseball with a Twist

If you are a baseball fan, and are looking to have some fun outdoors with your kids, the CRUSH IT! Baseball Set might just be the thing you are looking for. Baseball with a Twist CRUSH IT! Baseball Set The CRUSH IT! Baseball Set has bat is shaped like a regular bat. It has a nice size […]

have fun playing with literature

Literature is the Next Big Family Game Night Idea

We love good quality literature. We have been reading to the kids since they were babies. You never know what will inspire them to be big readers. Not only do we read to the kids, but not Bring Your Own Book is a great way to add some literature to game night. Bring Your Own […]

baby safe baby teether

Baby Safe Baby Teethers

So I have a niece who is just about to cut some teeth. I know so exciting! Anyway she is teething like crazy and nothing seems to comfort her. The worst part, she has not found a teether she liked, well that all changed when I gave her BYRO Fruit Teethers. Baby Safe Baby Teethers […]

happy birthday miss h

Happy Birthday Miss H

Miss H has officially reached her first birthday. Yes she is one years old already. How time flies when we are all having such fun. In between father’s day we snuck in a Mickey Mouse Celebration like no other. We had watermelon, bananas, and of course a yummy homemade cake. Here mother did such an […]

in memory of bread

In Memory of Bread Book Review

Working with special needs children, it is not uncommon for me to have children on a gluten-free diet. Since I myself love pasta, I never fully understood what being gluten-free really meant. After reading In Memory of Bread, I have a whole new understanding of what the kids to through. In Memory of Bread Paul […]

Best Product Video of the Week: Cuboro Blocks

It seems that we have continuing theme of Blocks. Yay! They are super educationl and fun. With Cuboro, you can now add marbles and STEM. Check out why we love them so much. Cuboro Blocks

cuboro blocks for family game night

Turn Your Block Center into Family Game Night

We love family game night. We also love wooden blocks. It used to be games, were for Family Game Night, and blocks were for day time learning fun. With Cuboro Basis, wooden blocks can be for anytime and every time fun. Block Center Turned Family Game Night About Cuboro Blocks Cuboro Basis are a very unique […]

blue mubu

Blue Mubu Book Review

After reading Mubu the Morph, the kids fell in love with Mubu. He is so much fun and offers kids a great way to learn about themselves while developing their feelings. Blue Mubu just adds another character trait to the list. Blue Mubu Written By: Stephen Nawotnaik Illustrated By: Jeff Scott Perdziak Book Review Mubu […]

Best Product Video of the Week: Guidecraft Unit Blocks

So many amazing things Unit Blocks can offer kids. GuideCraft Unit Blocks provide kids with hours of open ended fun. Check the video out to see some of the reasons why we love the blocks so much. GuideCraft Unit Blocks Check out all of our Favorite Products. This post contains amazon affiliate links.

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