5 Gifts Not to Get Her

I know you are all trying to be really clever and creative as you celebrate your special someone, but sometimes your creativity can be taken the wrong way. Here are some gifts that although may seem amazing at the time, may backfire with a totally different outcome. Here is a list of gifts not to get.

Gifts Not to Get Her

1. Smittens Mittens

couples mittens

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Yeah, at first sight, they look all cutesie but think about it. I mean really think about it. There are so many problems like what if a little one runs away, how will you run ahead if you are attached. Another issue, after all this is winter, catching a sneeze with your right hand in the sharing glove may not be a sight worth thinking about. As a gag gift, Smitten Mittens might be cute, but as her main gift, you might want to think of something more personal.

2. Cactus Plants

cactus plants

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I see nothing wrong with a cactus plant. They are pretty and require little care year round. But what are you telling her? Is she the “prickle of your eye” or maybe well you can see where this is going. Don’t get me wrong, she might be a cactus collector and all, but, sometimes a little extra creativity and out of the box thinking might be necessary.

3Assorted Chocolates

box of assorted chocolates

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You want to get a box of chocolates for her and I totally agree. So may women love chocolate and now is the perfect time to pick some up. I am just saying a big box of Assorted Chocolates might not be best. What if she only like a few and now is left with a bunch she is not a fan of? Rather than just going and purchasing something huge and assorted, try getting something small and personal. Get her a box of her favorites. If she likes plain milk chocolate, pick her up a bar with a personal message on it. Chocolates are a great idea just for most, the assorted set may not be best and personal enough.

4.Massage Chair

professional massage chair

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A Massage Chair or any large piece of furniture you would use more often than her, might not be the best option. If you want to get her something large and expensive, make sure it is truly for her and not something she will find you in most of the year.

5.Gym Bag

gym bag

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I saved the best for last, but a gym membership is totally a no-no. She may be struggling with her weight, maybe even having some health difficulties that you want to address but not now. You have all year to talk about such issues and they should not be brought when you are celebrating her.

Well, there you have it. My list of everything not to get her.

What are some other gifts not to get her?

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