Annabelle’s Secret Book Review

If your kids were violated in any way, the sooner you seek help and reassure them life is okay, the better of socially and emotionally they will be. Annabelle’s Secret is a book to get you started.

Annabelle’s Secret Book Review

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Book Review

Annabelle was a bright little girl who loved playing. One day she met a boy who tricked her into joining a secret club. The club as it turned out to be was only the two of them. At first Annabelle felt funny being touched and having touched Joel, but he reassured her this is how to be big.

Instead of seeking help, Annabelle avoided public and spend most of her time indoors. Finally, she told her mother what had happened.

Annabelle’s mother was very kind and gentle. She took Annabelle for help and when they felt all was well, life went on normally. This took a turn for the worse when Annabelle became a teenager.

Talking to Kids

While we all want to protect our kids, there are evil people in the world. The firs thing is to open up a line of communication with your kids. They have to feel they can always talk to you if and when they need help. The next part is to make sure they know what a good touch and a bad touch is. If they get confused, they can always seek help. The key is not to judge them.

Emotional Rollercoaster

What I loved about the way Annabelle’s Secret was written, is that it dealt with all parts of abuse from the moment it happened to teenage hood. You never know what will happen post abuse, but being prepared to help is the key.

My Overall Opinion

I hope none of your kids will have to go through what Annabelle has. However, if they have, Annabelle’s Secret is a great book. It takes kids on a journey. It reassures them that seeking help is a good thing and life can be good again.


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I received a copy of Annabelle’s Secret in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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