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I love seeing kids happy and learning. My favorite way to teach and educate is through toys, games and hands on experiences.

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sweet potato

Sweet Potato: Cookbook Review

If you are looking to add some alternatives into your diets, check out this book dedicated to the Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato: Cookbook Review Book Review For the past few years, we have been looking to add more fruits and vegetables into our diet. Sweet Potato has not been something we eat a lot of so finding […]

magnets with gears

A Great Set of Magnets with Gears

If your kids love magnets, and they like playing with gears, I think I have found a really amazing set. Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into one unique and amazing set. Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into on unique and amazing set. A Great Set of […]

rolimate puzzles for education

How We Use Puzzles for Skills

We love puzzles. Here are some unique ways you can use them for skills. How We Use Puzzles for Skills What are some other skills you use puzzles for? Pros: good quality, cute illustrations, themed, loads of skills, attractive, colorful, Skills: fine motor, planning, visual feedback, pincer grasp Video Demonstration I received these puzzles in exchange for an […]

how to set a table

How to Set a Table: Book Review

I do lots of entertaining. I love a nice party. When it comes to parties, I have two passions. The first is cooking the food, and the second is the look of the table. When I got How to Set a Table, I was really excited. With the holiday’s coming up, this book was perfect. […]


Newseum: A Must See Museum in Washington DC

Sorry I have not posted all week. My family and I took a visit to Washington DC. It has been amazing. One of our stops was the Newseum. By the time you finish reading my post, I hope you make the Newseum part of your vacation. Newseum: A Must See Museum in Washington DC Arrival […]

positive energy lunch box notes

Positive Energy Lunch Box Notes

If you have to go to work, and your kids attend school, there is no reason why you cannot keep them positive in their home away from home. Positive Energy Lunch Box Notes Positive Energy Ideas Your soul is beautiful because… Together we make a great team. Can’t wait to see you at home. Yesterday […]

magnets for education

Roter Kafer Magnets for Education

You have to check out Roter Kafe magnets. Not only are they adorably cute, but they have so much educational value. Great for pre-math skills. Roter Kafer Magnets for Education Do you use magnets for education? If so, share some of your ideas. Pros: adorable images, made of soft foam, easy for kids to use Skills: pre-math, […]

base 10 math game

Amazing Base 10 Math Game

If you are looking for an Amazing Base 10 Math Game, look no further. Tiny Polka Dot is the perfect game for kids who learn math in Base 10: Amazing Base 10 Math Game Do your kids learn math is Base 10? Pros: teaches math in base 10, lots of different games to play, can be […]

creative castle magnets for stem

Creative Castle Magnets for STEM

Check out these creative castle magnets. If you thought STEM had to be all instruction based for older kids, well this might not be true anymore. Check out how much we loved this set. Creative Castle Magnets for STEM Do you think your kids will enjoy playing with these amazing magnets? Pros: lots of pieces, strong […]

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