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I love seeing kids happy and learning. My favorite way to teach and educate is through toys, games and hands on experiences.

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eyeball boxing illegal moves

Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves

Illegal moves exist even in the game of boxing. However, if you do not have the right cards, in Eyeball Boxing, you can get away with the illegal moves. Eyeball Boxing: Illegal Moves What is your favorite illegal card to play when you play Eyeball Boxing? Pros: adds fun to the game, makes the game harder to […]

a history of the us from colonies to country

The History of US: From Colonies to Country: Book Review

Teaching US History is a must. However, it does not have to be boring. With this book, your kids can learn all about hos American went from being Colonies to Country. The History of US: From Colonies to Country: Book Review Book Summary The book Colonies to Country is a great book. It is a cross between […]

snowman paul at the winter olympics

Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics Book Review

Snowman Paul wants joins the winter Olympics and starts to compete in many of the games. Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics Book Review Summary Snowman Paul is headed toward the winter Olympics. At first, Paul was proud. He kept on winning at every game. He was the fastest and most talented of them all. […]

sequin bag for travel

Sequin Bag for Traveling with Kids

Make traveling with kids easier, especially for long rides. This sequin bag is perfect for all your kids needs. Sequin Bag for Traveling with Kids What are some items your kids will be adding to their sequin bag? Pros: easy to use, airplane approved, fun for travel, doubles as a sensory tool, very lightweight, simply beautiful, comes […]

eyeball boxing

Eyeball Boxing Green Cards

If you are a fan of Eyeball Boxing, see how to play the green cards. These contain all of the good legal moves. After watching the video demonstration, let me know what you think. Eyeball Boxing Green Cards So far, what do you feel about the green cards? Video Demonstration I received Eyeball Boxing in exchange for […]

bagel in love

Bagel in Love: Book Review

If your kids enjoy some nice pastries, Bagel in Love might be up their alley. Bagel in Love: Book Review Book Review Bagel had a passion for dance. All he wanted to do was fulfill his dreams and enter the Cherry Jubilee dance contest. He had a difficult time finding a partner. With everyone telling […]

A Force So Swift: Book Review

In A Force So Swift, China’s issues become one Truman had to deal with. A Force So Swift: Book Review Summary It was clear that the people of China wanted change. Chiang Kai-chek and his Nationalist party were loosing in both populary and war to Mao Zedong. The Nationalists tried hard, but eventually the as […]

meet the eyeballs from eyeball boxing

Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing

Eyeball Boxing is a game that is one of a kind. After getting to know more about who is up against who, you will wonder how they ever got into a hot dog boxing fight in the first place. Meet the Eyeballs from Eyeball Boxing What do you think of the eyeballs? Which one is […]

snowman paul book review

My Snowman, Paul Book Review

If you are looking for a book about friendship, you have to check out My Snowman, Paul. My Snowman, Paul Book Summary Dan wanted to head outside. His mother tried to convince him. The real reason Sam was indoors was because of his neighbor Bill. However, Sam listened to his mom and eventually went outside to […]

off brand brick building fun

Brick Building Set for Creative Play

Let your kids have fun with Creative Play even on a rainy day. Brick Building Set for Creative Play What are some of your kids creative builds? I am not sure what got into our kids, but it was raining and all of a sudden, they decided to stay indoors. I was very fortunate this […]

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