Behavior Modification for a Princess

We try to let the kids self-regulate. There is little parental/teacher input when it comes to behavior. However, from time to time the kids need a little guidance. This behavior modification trick I found to be perfect. It lets the children be in charge of their moods while allowing the adult to help when needed. The perfect balance to an open environment.

Behavior Modification for a Princess

What do you think of using this Princess Castle to help with behavior modification?

Pros: looks pretty, nice and large so kids of all ages can use it, amazing quality, helps kids regulate themselves, allows children to have negative energy in an appropriate way

Note: This is huge. If you have a small space, it will take up a lot of it. Even if you are limited in space, after seeing how we use it, I am sure this will be a must for your home.

Education: self-regulation, behavior modification, helping kids deal with negative feelings, letting kids be kids in an appropriate manner, helping kids communicate

Fun Addition: this tent includes some fairy light. While not shown in the video, it adds an extra bonus especially for kids who like the extra sensory input or calming setting.

Addition: For some extra help, try having your kids use these wonderful Sand Timers.

YouTube Demonstration

I received this tent in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

behavior modification tent

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