Belly Popping Hysterical Family Game Night

If you are looking for a hysterical family game, check out Pop the Pig. This game is sure to keep your kids enjoying family game night while giving them a good laugh.

Belly Popping Hysterical Family Game Night

What are some of your families hysterical family game choices?

Pros: has many skills involved, great beginner game, easy to learn,

Skills: fine motor skills, hand – coordination, focusing, taking turns, finger strength, counting, color recognition,

Note: While this is a great beginner game, it might not be the best for a first game. As you saw in my video, it takes a many times to go around. If you kids lose patients fast, or don’t know how to take turns, this game might need to wait a bit.

Cons: As you can see from my video, the purple on the die is a little to light. It was more like  a light lilac or lavender. Not only did it not match up to the hamburgers, it made matching difficult for some of the kids.With our younger kids, we made this on a wild pick as they did not understand the connection. The older kids, were fine when we told them it was purple.

My Overall Opinion: the kids love Pop the Pig. They learned how to play in a matter of minutes. It is one of those games that are not only fun to play in a group, but easy enough for the kids to play without an adult present. Perfect for playdates as well.

Game Play

I received Pop the Pig in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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pop the pig hysterical family game

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