Best Nature and Math Game Como

See what happens when you combine nature with math in 10 Essentials Card Game. A great nature and math game for you and your kids.

Best Nature and Math Game Como

Pros: encourages outdoor safety, has addition practice built in, sharing and collaboration, simple to learn, lots of practice to play, need other players to help you win

Cons: This is not the simplist of games. While it is easy to learn, it takes lots of practice to win.

Education: math, focusing, strategy, team playing

My Overall Opinion: This game is great. At first is looks all easy, but once you start playing you really need to focus. A game that will not get boring after a few times playing.

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I received 10 Essentials Card Game in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources.

10 essentials nature and math game

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