At the Boston Tea Party Book Review

Not all kids want to learn about the Boston Tea Party. This historical fiction book will put a twist on history, making it fun and engaging for young readers.

At the Boston Tea Party Book Review

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Book Review

Jeremy and Deliverance Winthrop are living in a world of unknown. They need to find a path between the lobster tails and the cause. Not easy for two kids who’s parents seem to side with the British.  However, the Winthrop children make a decision to help Adam’s and the Americans.

Being children, they had to take care of their childhood duties like school. Jeremy was lucky. He was homeschooled by his father giving him freedom to help the cause like his friends could not.

Without giving any spoiler alerts, I am a huge fan of At the Boston Tea Party. First of all, both Jeremy and Deliverance are very personable and engage children at their level. While it is filled with historical facts, it talks to some modern times like homeschool children.

Fun Idea

Have your kids pick one of the events from At the Boston Tea Party. Let them pretend, they were their write a small journal as if they were alive. Let them pick a side and write about how they would act based on what they just read.

My Overall Opinion

I really enjoyed reading At the Boston Tea Party. I showed it a few children and they enjoyed this book as well. It has the perfect balance of history and fiction. A great way to engage children who may not like history books. After reading At the Boston Tea Party, you will be surprised by how much your kids remember.


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I received a copy of At the Boston Tea Party in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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