Bronx Zoo

It was really nice out and the girls were home. Since yesterday was AB‘s Birthday, I pushed off our trip to the Bronx Zoo a bit. We went on Monday and it was great. The zoo is super educational and just fun for kids of all ages.


Bronx Zoo History:

On Monday, we were looking for a fun educational family trip. In addition to Big C and Little E, we were going along with G Man, AB and Baby so a trip that worked for everyone was a must. The zoo seemed to be a great option but of course, we wanted one for all the kids. The Bronx Zoo was chosen and off we went.

Our Bronx Zoo Experience:

bronx zoo

Animal Facts

Overall the zoo was amazing. Big C liked hanging out with all the kids. She loves animals and reading all about them was great. The zoo is filled with fun and educational animal facts. Some of the animal facts were interactive while others were part of an art exhibit. It was great and kept the kids interested.

bronx zoo

Butterfly Pamphlet

Little E was very fond of the butterfly exhibit. I found it really cute how they gave out pamphlets with the different butterflies species. The kids got to find the butterflies on the chart. Such a great activity combines scanning skills while taking children on a butterfly treasure hunt.

G Man loved the brown bears. They were very active and had fun playing with the water. As with everything I tried to turn it into an educational experience. Some bears were in the water and other were on land. We used this as an addition example. If there are 3 bears in the water and 1 on land, what is the total amount of bears? We counted four. A few minutes later one bear went into a cave. We now had a subtraction example on our hands.

AB though the giraffes were best. As he is only 2 years old, he thought the baby giraffes were adorable. It seems like the Bronx Zoo has new young and this was great for 2-year-olds. AB got to compare the big and small giraffes. It was perfect for him to have fun while learning.

Bronx Zoo Pros:

bronx zoo

Art Installation

  • the exhibits were really nice
  • large selection of animals
  • lots of educational facts
  • fun for both kids and adults alike

Bronx Zoo Cons:

  • A lot of the exhibits made you leave the stroller outside. For Baby, an adult had to stay out with him. A lot of the special exhibits are not stroller friendly.
  • You need to pay for full admission. If you only go with general admission, you will only see very few exhibits. Almost everything is special and closed off to the public.

Our Overall Bronx Zoo Experience:

The Bronx Zoo overall is a great place for a family trip. I can say hands down that my family and I had both a fun and educational time. In addition to seeing animals, there was a lot to observe, touch and see. Everyone had tons of fun. Baby had a blast sitting out in the sun and going for walks while Big C. got to learn all bout the different animal fun facts.

Do your kids like going to the zoo?

To learn more about animals and the Bronx Zoo, feel free to visit them on Facebook and YouTube.

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