You can find everything for babies from hands on educational products even some needed products to make your life easier.

pop the pig hysterical family game

Belly Popping Hysterical Family Game Night

If you are looking for a hysterical family game, check out Pop the Pig. This game is sure to keep your kids enjoying family game night while giving them a good laugh. Belly Popping Hysterical Family Game Night What are some of your families hysterical family game choices? Pros: has many skills involved, great beginner game, […]

picasso magnetic tiles

Creative Magnetic Tiles From Picasso Tiles

If you have Picasso Tiles, you need to check out these creative magnetic tiles. They are the perfect addition to any set. Make an even better gift this holiday season. Put nothing but smiles on your kids faces. Creative Magnetic Tiles From Picasso Tiles Do your kids already have Picasso Tiles? Pros: a super fun set, […]

emoticapsules game of emotions

The Fun Nesting Game of Emotions

If you are looking for a fun game of emotions for your kids, check out Emoticapsules. The Fun Nesting Game of Emotions Pros: great for kids who are verbal, fun for toddlers learning to talk, emotions are visual, interactive game, Cons: A little large so needs to be nested back together after playing Skills: socialization, […]

rolimate puzzles for education

How We Use Puzzles for Skills

We love puzzles. Here are some unique ways you can use them for skills. How We Use Puzzles for Skills What are some other skills you use puzzles for? Pros: good quality, cute illustrations, themed, loads of skills, attractive, colorful, Skills: fine motor, planning, visual feedback, pincer grasp Video Demonstration I received these puzzles in exchange for an […]

tun toddler bug stamps

Fun Toddler Bug Stamps

If your kids enjoyed the previous Toddler Farm Stamps, they will love these Bug Stamps. These stamps from Center Enterprises really speaks to the children. Fun colors, clear backgrounds and overall years to use. A perfect introduction to art and fun for a new year. Fun Toddler Bug Stamps Pros: easy to use, comes in great […]

toddler stamps

The Perfect Set of Toddler Stamps

If you are looking for the perfect set of toddler stamps, look no further. It was as if this set was made with the toddler right there. The Perfect Set of Toddler Stamps Does your toddler love playing with stamps? Pros: easy to use, easy to hold, stamp comes out nice, includes both stamps and ink, […]

happy birthday charming

Happy Birthday Charming 2017

Over the weekend it was Charmings birthday. He is already 2 years old. Wow! How time flies when the kids are growing up. Happy Birthday Charming 2017 Charming is 2 years old. He has big beautiful blue eyes and loves to make trouble. When he looks at you with his adorable smile, you know he […]

goodnight moon

Bring Goodnight Moon to Life

Welcome to Literacy Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will be sharing something to help make reading and writing fun for you and your kids. These activities can be used both in the classroom and homeschool. The key is, keep it fun. To start this amazing journey, I have Goodnight Moon 3D style. Bring Goodnight Moon to […]

stacking cups

Education of the Week: Stacking Cups

With so many great features Stacking Cups was the best pick. They are nice ans sturdy, easy for toddler to hold and provide hours of fun play. Since they are made of a nice material and have holes on the bottom, they make a great bath time toy and children can have fun with science. […]

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