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march roundup

March 2017 Roundup

March was such a wonderful month. I am so happy to share it with all of you. March 2017 Roundup Literacy Tuesday has took an amazing turn. We reviewed some traditional vowel sounds from the Long O to the Long U  and ended with the Tricky Y. The best part, however, was when we ended […]

open when letters book

Open When… Letters to Lift Your Spirits Book Review

Letters are very important to me. I love quotable quotes, inspiring phrases and notes. This book is a mix of everything perfect. Open When… Letters to Lift Your Spirits Book Review Book Review Open When is one of the most brilliant books I have seen. This book is a bound book of letters. Each of […]

acrylic paint sampler

Acrylic Paint Sampler Set From Corla

If your kids are getting into acrylic paints, check out this neat sampler set from Corla. This video will show you how the paints come out, as well as how nice they come on the paper. An overall review to see if this set is good for you or your kids. Acrylic Paint Sampler Set […]

art smart

Art Smart Book Review

Art Smart is one of those books that is interactive while fun and teaching kids all about art education. Art Smart Book Review Book Review Art Smart is a book that introduces children to art education in a fun way. On one side of the page is a painting, a famous work of art. On the […]


Educational Pick of the Week: Corla Markers

Wow. The kids had a great week. You will not believe what one of them did when I presented them with Corla Markers. Check out the video to see the progress the kids made. Educational Pick of the Week: Corla Markers Are your kids into art? Will you be getting one or more packs of Corla […]

February roundup

February Roundup 2017

Wow. We are ready for our February Roundup. It seems like the year just started and we are moving along fast. Here is a small recap as to how amazing this month has been. February Roundup 2017 February started with a pretty nice giveaway. I liked reading My Quiet Book to the kids and they […]

corola marker set

Corla Marker Art Unboxing

The kids love markers. Check out the unboxing. You will see first hand what we thought of the Corla Marker art set. There were so many to try out, I have to say you must see it to believe it. Corla Marker Art Unboxing 12 Color Set: 18 Color Set: 24 Color Set: […]

the princess and the ruby

The Princess and the Ruby An Autism Fairy Tale Book Review

So many children today are diagnosed with Autism. The Princess and the Ruby an Autism Fairy Tale is a cute book for kids. The Princess and the Ruby An Autism Fairy Tale Book Review Book Review I work with special needs children in an inclusion setting. While we will never point out a child’s diagnosis, […]

mega sticker unboxing from purple ladybug novelty

Mega Sticker Unboxing

If you love stickers, this Mega Sticker Unboxing is for you. After I finished with the unboxing, the kids could not get enough of the stickers. You and your kids will not believe the amount of stickers and how adorable they are. You must get these sets for your classroom, homeschool, or crafting. Check out […]

happy presidents day

Happy President’s Day 2017

I want to wish you all a very happy President’s day 2017. Happy President’s Day 2017 Since it is President’s Day, I thought it would be a good idea for me to share some of our amazing patriotic games with all of you. While your kids have off, you may as well learn more about […]

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