Between holidays and family time, it is great to spend some time together. Here you can find family tips, holiday ideas and more. When it comes to your family, there is no time like the present.

holiday gift guide 2017 games

Holiday Gift List 2017: Games

We love board games. There is something fun about sitting down and just having fun. I have to admit, this is the most difficult list for me to write. We enjoyed so many games to select the top few was not easy but here it is. The top five games that my family and I […]

holiday gifts magnets

Holiday Gift List 2017: Magnets

I know this is a pretty interesting forward list. I love magnets. I have given magnets to kids of all ages, and the one thing I noticed, they were all engaged in age-appropriate STEM play. If you go through my blog, you will see I have many amazing magnetic toys, however, since this is the […]

math games holiday gift list

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

When it comes to math, too many children struggle. As I started to teach math, I realized the real struggle is teachers do not teach math in a way that children can understand. In the list below, I have broken math down according to skill level. All of the games have not only been tried […]

holiday gift list 2017 art

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art

If your kids will be off during the holiday break, or you are looking for fun ways to keep them busy, check out these crafts ideas. While they are fun alone, getting a few sets will only add to the creativity and educational value of each item. Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art If you are […]

dice fun trays

Whisper Dice Tray For Dice Fun

We are always playing with dice. I love the idea of these Whisper Dice Trays to help the kids roll the dice and to keep the noise level down. Whisper Dice Tray For Dice Fun Do your kids play tons of games? Pros: stores compact, very lightweight, controls sounds, make game time fun for kids, comes […]

camp a fun nature family game

Bring Camping Fun to Your Home this Winter

Even if your family is not the nature outdoorsy type, CAMP is still a great game. By having fun, you will surprise yourself how much you can learn about nature and animals. Best part, this game have 4 levels of play so both children and adults can enjoy family game night together. Bring Camping Fun […]

amazing book storage options for kids

Amazing Book Storage Display Ideas

If you are looking for an amazing book storage idea for your kids, you have to check out this front-facing bookshelf. Ever since we put it up, I have noticed a huge increase in the kids reading levels. I love watching them go and select a new book to read. Amazing Book Storage Display Ideas What […]

i spy card game

I Spy Card Game with a Twist

If you have ever played I Spy and Go Fish, this version is a must see. There is nothing like I Spy Snap on the market. This is a must see card game to believe. I Spy Card Game with a Twist What do you think of I Spy Snap? Pros:  easy to play, fun to learn, […]

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