We all love our kids and teaching them the fun way, is our priority. Here you can find hands on activities, game and toys to make the most of education along with tips and tricks.

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Happy 4th Birthday AB

Happy 4th Birthday AB! Wow. It is 4 years already. AB is such a big boy. A little on the quiet side compared to the rest, he is highly observant and likes to ask questions well above his age level. Happy 4th Birthday AB   He is one to love loose parts. Some of his […]

at the driving of the golden spike

At the Driving of the Golden Spike Book Review

The Golden Spike was a very fascinating time in our history. It was a time when the north and the south would be united for the first time in history. At the Driving of the Golden Spike Book Review Book Review The Cullen family migrated for Ireland to find themselves out of work. The American […]

boston tea party

At the Boston Tea Party Book Review

Not all kids want to learn about the Boston Tea Party. This historical fiction book will put a twist on history, making it fun and engaging for young readers. At the Boston Tea Party Book Review Book Review Jeremy and Deliverance Winthrop are living in a world of unknown. They need to find a path […]

if you were me and lived in germany

If You Were Me and Lived in Germany Book Review

Germany is one part of the world that holds lots of interesting culture. I have learned about it in world history class, but seeing what life is like today was interesting. If you Were me and Lived in Germany Book Review Book Review Germany is a very interesting part of the world. From the names […]

geoboard for mathfun

Have Fun Using a Geobaord for Geometry

There are so many ways to have fun with geometry. If you are looking to combine fine motor skills along with geometry fun, check this out. Your kids will be using their fingers and creating shapes in no time. Have Fun Using a Geobaord for Geometry Geoboard: Rubber Bands: All opinions are mine […]

constellation blocks

Education of the Week: Constellation Blocks

If your kids love playing with blocks, and they love learning about the night sky and all of the constellations,¬† Constellation Blocks is one toy they will love. Education of the Week: Constellation Blocks After watching the video, let me know what you think of this weeks pick. I received a set of Constellation Blocks […]

Constellation blocks

Play Your Way Through the Constellations

Constellations during the night sky can be very magical. I am sure your kids enjoy watching the sparkling stars at night. Now they can play with some of the most popular ones. Check out how these Constellation Blocks can make an abstract item a physical learning tool for your kids. Play Your Way Through the […]

solar system planet blocks

Education of the Week: Planet Blocks

We had a great week. Planet Blocks however, really stood out. It was great to see how the kids can engage with block play while learning about the planets at the same time. I know this set will be one of those toys played with often. After watching the video, feel free to share your […]

solar system through block play

Learning the Planets Through Block Play

I am a supporter of block play. If you have been following my blog, you will see a few posts on Block Play and Block Centers. In my opinion, there is nothing more important in education than a quality set of blocks. Uncle Goose takes this to a whole new level. You will have to […]

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