To all of you moms, and yes even dads, we all know the hard work you put into your kids. From time to time, I will try to find something a little special to share to with you. You parents are amazing.

how to raise a wild child

How to Raise a Wild Child: Book Review

I do not have a Wild Child. I will say this is partly my fault. I was raised mainly indoors and I just repeated the same with my girls. After reading this book, while I may not have much time left. I have a good idea where to start. How to Raise a Wild Child: […]

A Force So Swift: Book Review

In A Force So Swift, China’s issues become one Truman had to deal with. A Force So Swift: Book Review Summary It was clear that the people of China wanted change. Chiang Kai-chek and his Nationalist party were loosing in both populary and war to Mao Zedong. The Nationalists tried hard, but eventually the as […]

Rule of Law Book Review

If you are looking for a book that combines politics with fiction, Rule of Law might be for you. Rule of Law Book Review Book Review Navy SEAL Team six are on a mission. They have to rescue a captured American Journalist. All seems fine at first as the president is monitoring everything back in […]

sweet potato

Sweet Potato: Cookbook Review

If you are looking to add some alternatives into your diets, check out this book dedicated to the Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato: Cookbook Review Book Review For the past few years, we have been looking to add more fruits and vegetables into our diet. Sweet Potato has not been something we eat a lot of so finding […]

how to set a table

How to Set a Table: Book Review

I do lots of entertaining. I love a nice party. When it comes to parties, I have two passions. The first is cooking the food, and the second is the look of the table. When I got How to Set a Table, I was really excited. With the holiday’s coming up, this book was perfect. […]

positive energy lunch box notes

Positive Energy Lunch Box Notes

If you have to go to work, and your kids attend school, there is no reason why you cannot keep them positive in their home away from home. Positive Energy Lunch Box Notes Positive Energy Ideas Your soul is beautiful because… Together we make a great team. Can’t wait to see you at home. Yesterday […]

teaching flute to kids

Fun Tools for Teaching Flute

If you have seen my past video on the Note Perfect Project, I love it. However, not I want to share with you something different. I have a few tools. While some are great for music education in general, some are specific for teaching the flute. Fun Tools for Teaching Flute I would love your feedback. […]

The Two of Us Book Review

The Two of Us is a tale of a broken women and a man out to heal her heart. The Two of Us Book Review Book Summary Mia has her heart set on a traveling to the world to heal other people. When her sister gives her a call that she is pregnant and getting […]

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