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Donate to Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card

*This is a sponsored post. Donate to Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card In honor of the new school year, one organization has dedicated their lives to spreading Play-Based education. Not only will the learning be taught in an open classroom where children can learn together in a way that makes sense to them, but […]

unusual animals

Unusual Animals A-Z Book Review

I have so many animals books for kids. While most of them have a cat, dog, and lion, a few have unique animals. I have seen a koala in one, but very few have differentiation. The kids were very pleased when I read Unusual Animals A-Z to them. Unusual Animals A-Z Book Review Book Review […]

Education of the Week: Suspend

Wow. Suspend is just so amazing. Just seeing the look on the kids faces as they focus and try to place all of the pieces without falling is so amazing. We tell our kids to concentrate and do their work, Suspend is one of those games that makes focusing fun. Education of the Week: Suspend What do you […]

balance beam spelling

Balance Beam Spelling

What child wants to practice spelling while sitting down? Rather than forcing a child to comply, we have used a foam beam along with some spelling fun to help children out. I challenge all of you to give this a try. I bet your child will never look at spelling the same way again, or […]

one pan and done hassle free cooking

One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table Book Review

If you like to cook homemade without much hassle, check out One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table. All you need is one pan and the food is as good as ever. One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table Book Review Cookbook Overview One […]

the contender presidential debate game

Play Your Way Through Presidential Politics

The kids and I never knew playing through presidential politics can be so much fun. After playing a few rounds of The Contender, we are all hooked. Not only did we enjoy playing, but it has already been played with friends who have enjoyed the game as much as we have. Play Your Way Through […]

phonics fun with words

Phonics Fun with Words Book Review

So many books for kids to enjoy and love. Phonics Fun with Words gives kids an interactive reading experience. Phonics Fun with Words Book Review Book Review Phonics Fun with Words is one of these brilliant phonics books for kids. On the upper hand of every page is a super cute poem. While poetry is fun and […]

teaching kids sight words vs phonics

To Sight Word or Not to Sight Word?

If you are getting ready to teach kids to read, you must see this post. I will explain the importance of sight words versus phonics. To Sight Word or Not to Sight Word? How do you teach kids reading and spelling? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon)  

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