The Chattanooga Bicycle Race Book Review

If you love riding a bike, women’s rights, reform, and a good book, The Chattanooga Bicycle Race has all that and more.

The Chattanooga Bicycle Race Book Review

chattanooga bicycle race

Book Review

Anna Gaines was a typical southern lady. She was 19 years old, dressed respectably and was waiting to find a special someone who she would marry and tend to her home. This all changed when her Aunt living in the Brooklyn opened her eyes to a modern type of lifestyle. When she came home, riding a bike was her new passion. Breaking the Southern way, Anna was now caught in the middle of a political statement.

Most of her community in Chattanooga wanted to uphold the image of what a women should be like. However, there were a few that felt riding a bike was harmless.

Anna was a strong willed woman. At first, she took to riding her bike on her parent’s farm, but that was not good enough. After gaining support from her parents, she took to riding around town. This forced the town to put more pressure on passing laws to stop this action at once. It was all fun and games until they finally came to a conclusion. If woman can ride a bike like a man, let’s stage a bike race. Her opponent, Peter.

While all of the politics were playing out, Anna was in another town trying to save a women’s life. When she found out the news, it just put a lot of political pressure on her. On the one hand, she did not want to hurt her new friendship with Peter, Anna is faced with difficult life choices.

My Overall Opinion

I really enjoyed reading  The Chattanooga Bicycle Race. I found it has the perfect balance of everything. There were scenes of suspense, action, and heroism, alongside great characters. The story was pretty interesting. A pretty fast and engaging read.

great chattanooga bicycle race

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I received a copy of The Chattanooga Bicycle Race in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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