A Couch for Llama: Book Review

A Couch for Llama is one of those book that the kids choose to read over the over again.

A Couch for Llama: Book Review

a couch for llama

Book Summary

The Lago family was in need of a new couch. Theirs was well loved and just not good enough anymore. It was so well loved, it needed some upgrading so off to the furniture store they went. Finding the perfect couch was no great feat, but eventually they found the perfect one and headed home. However, upon arriving home, they had a great issue.

Llama on the other hand, found something strange. It was not a an animal and did not taste good as food. It was a strange thing, but eventually Llama found good use for it.

Lesson Learned

While A Couch for Llama  was an overall fun read, we had a great discussion out of it. This book taught us how to compromise. Sometimes you may have or want something that you may not have. Instead, think of a way to compormise.

Example: One of the kids really wanted coffee. We have a family rule not until you are older. Instead, we asked the kids to think about similar things to make them happy. The list included hot things like tea and hot chocolate.

It is all about keeping the questions open-ended and letting the kids take the lead.

Bottom Line

I really enjoyed reading A Couch for Llama . For starters, this book has a great storyline. It was a fun read that took place in nature. Llama was a great choice of character and added some humor to the book. In additon to the book being fun and offering amazing illustrations, we were able to talk about great lessons along the way.  For younger kids, A Couch for Llama  is a great read and for more verbal kids, A Couch for Llama  had a great lesson.

I received A Couch for Llama in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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a couch for llama

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