We get to play with new toys.

We get to test them out.

We get to share our experiences with you.

Yes this all sounds like fun and games, and it is, but I am here to assure you that all opinions made on Little Lady Plays are that of Lady Lilith and her group of product testers. My group of testers includes, but is not limited to, my two girls, two nephews, the special needs kids I work with and classrooms full of kids.

Little Lady Plays will except paid advertisements, promotional products, as well as sponsored posts but will in no way alter the opinion of the product. We are here to make education fun for you and your kids. The only way to do this, is to keep it honest.

How we test theĀ products?

Once the product arrives, Lady Lilith fully inspects the toy making a general assessment. This is done to ensure product safety. Depending on the product a child might be given the toy individual or in a group setting.

Why do we test/review products?

Lady Lilith is a full believer in having hands on fun through education. By testing the products we are not only sharing the quality with others, but showing ways how they can be used both at home and in the classroom for educational purposes.

How are theĀ kids selected?

The kids are selected based on age and ability in order to make the most accurate assessment.

How can I feature my product on Little Lady Plays?

Just send over an e-mail with the product and Lady Lilith will get back to you. After the product is received, an e-mail will be send and the testing will begin. A review with images will be followed shortly.

Feel free to contact Lady Lilith with any more questions:

E-Mail: LittleLadyPlays@gmail.com

*All products on this blog should be purchased by Parents, Teachers, or Educators. Children under the age of 13 should not purchase any of the products.

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