The Elusive Miss Ellison Book Review

The Elusive Miss EllisonLavinia was a woman with strong feelings and morals. In The Elusive Miss Ellison, she does her best to stay true to herself, even if it hurts her.

The Elusive Miss Ellison Book Review

the elusive miss ellison

Book Review

Lavina was a woman of strong morals. Her father a reverend, and her mother passed away. She lived a fairly simple life, but spend most of it caring for others. She was loved by most of her community until one day the Earl of Hawkesbury showed up.

He was the total opposite. He was big and with a lot of money. He owned the land the poor resided on yet did little upkeep and left them in dire situations. That was until Lavina made it her mission to meet the Earl and state her observations.

The Earl may be the only one who was not fond of Lavinia. Every time they bumped into each other he dreaded her company. He knew she wanted something but at the same time, he wondered why Lavina was being elusive and so perfect. It was not until she got sick that both the Earl and Lavina started to see each other in a whole new light.

My Overall Opinions

I really enjoyed reading The Elusive Miss Ellison. I felt the story to be a very nice one. It was filled with feelings and emotions. Both the Earl and Lavina were lovely characters. They were both surrounded by family and friends who brought out emotions and added a lot of wonderful depth to this story line. Once you start reading, The Elusive Miss Ellison you will be captivated and taken on a journey between Lavinia and the Earl.

the elusive miss ellison

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