Emoji Adventures The Horse Party Book Review

If your kids love Emoji’s this book might just be what they are looking for.

Emoji Adventures The Horse Party Book Review

emoji adventures book 1 the horse party

Book Summary

As it turns out the emoji’s on our phone are more than just images. They are modeled after real people. If you do not belive me, try reading the Emoji Adventures to see for yourself.

In The Horse Party, the Emoji Adventures introduces all characters and why they are who they are. The devil for instance may seem all nice, but he really has some mean and cruel jokes up his sleeve. On the same note, Annie and her smile and all just got to her. She wants to go to the horse party to badly, she decided to see what will happen when she turns her smile upside down.

Through reading this book, you will follow Annie on her adventure. She will introduce kids to a hilarious town and how they became a popular face on many of our phones.


I found this book really easy to read. This is a perfect beginner book for kids who are part of a new generation. The story line was easy to read and track. The words were very simple making it a perfect book for a beginner reader.


While Emoji Adventures was a great book, I know I am picky but I found a few times when I was not to happy with the story line. For example, I understand that the devil brother is supposed to be mean as he is the devil. And I was fine with all of his cruel tricks, but I was not fine with how he had no responsibility for his actions. I know this is my thing, but if we want to teach kids a lesson, they do need to have some sense of responsiblity.

My Overall Opinion

Leaving Kevin, the devilish brother aside, Emoji Adventures was a really cute book. I liked how this book took emoji’s and brought them to life. With so many kids buying into the craze, I am happy to see kids enjoying reading from an adorable book.


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Happy Reading!

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emjoji adventures book 1 horse party

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