Emoji Adventures Secret Crush Book Review

If your children love adventures, they will enjoy reading about the secret crush.

Emoji Adventures Secret Crush Book Review

emoji adventure secret crush

Book Review

In book 6, Anni opens her locker to find something interesting. She finds a card and is not sure who would have sent it to her. While trying to get rid of her annoying brother she is also hit with a school fundraiser. This is not easy.

On the one hand, Dot wants to find out who is leaving messages in her locker. On the other hand, her brother is always getting in the way and distracting her. At the same time her class has decided if they combine science with dancing, they will have the money they need for the school lab. With all the things going on, no one is taking Annie seriously as messages keep appearing in her locker.

She tries to solve the mystery and thinks she has it all figured out when her secret admirer turns out not to admire her. Frustrated, Annie has a new strategy. You will never guess who is leaving the notes for Annie.

Secret Message

This will be a fun activity to have the kids guess who is writing. Put everyone’s name in a box. The children will randomly draw a name and have to write a message for that person. The teacher will call up one child at a time, have them read the message and try to guess who it is from.

My Overall Opinion

emoji adventures

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The Secret Crush is a silly book. After reading it, I have to say it talks more to the child’s inner self. It is silly, and just filled with humor that many children will appreciate. A book well worth checking out, especially for children who are not avid readers.


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I received a copy of The Secret Crush in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.


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