Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation

If you kids have outgrown magnets and you are looking for something new to push your kids in STEM Experimentation, check out Goobi Magnets. They are so much fun and perfect for older kids who love to play but need something to challenge them.

Goobi Magnets for STEM Experimentation

Pros: comes in a nice case, magnets challenge the kids to the next level, tons of colorful pieces to work with, very attractive, portable, easy to use, gives kids a fun challenge

Skills: fine motor, concentration, creativity, building, focusing, hand-eye coordination, visual feedback

Note to Follower: The corner pieces do click into place making for a very sturdy structure. I do apologize for leaving it out of my review. Not the best excuse, but I was under the weather from being back in school and the germs just got to me as I was filming the video.

YouTube Review:

I received a set of Goobi Magnets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

goobi magnets for stem experimentation

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