Grounded Hearts Book Review

When two people find themselves in a tricky situation, well life just takes an interesting turn.

Grounded Hearts Book Review

grounded hearts

Book Summary

Nan had a long day at work. She wanted nothing more than to shower and end her day. Here peaceful evening took a turn for the worse when she heard a loud knock at the door. Dutch, whose plane crashed while mid flight, found himself in need of medical attention.

Nan now had a predicament. Irland had declared it would remain in a neutral state during WWII. She also was a nurse who took an oath to help with medical emergencies and needed to save this mans life. Trying to keep this big secret when she lived in a small town was not easy. Due to a medical emergency, the secret had to spill as she needed aid of the doctor.

Grounded Hearts is a book about trust, friendship, and compassion.


I usually like this genre as I feel the books are more family friendly. While the overall story line is great, I found this book to be a little too explicit for my tastes. Grounded Hearts is not a book I would feel comfortable having the kids pick up accidentally.

My Overall Opinion

grounded hearts

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This is tough for me to write as I have conflicted feelings. On the one hand, this story was fairly clever. I liked the idea behind it, but I did not feel comfortable with some of the details. Call me sheltered if you will, but Grounded Hearts is not a book I will be reading again. I like a good story, but one that brings in the spiritual and emotional relationships rather than the physical. I know most of the situations were normal, but it was not one I felt comfortable reading about.

I received a copy of Grounded Hearts in exchange for an honest review. All reviews are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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