Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art

If your kids will be off during the holiday break, or you are looking for fun ways to keep them busy, check out these crafts ideas. While they are fun alone, getting a few sets will only add to the creativity and educational value of each item.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Art

If you are looking to give your kids fun supplies that will not make much of a mess, but is innovative and will offer your kids hours of fun, I would suggest both Kids Paint and Corla Paint Markers.

We loved the Kids Paint because of how unique it is. The paint comes in a bottle. It allows the kids to make dots. It is liquidy like paint, but will not make as much of a mess like a marker. Plus the set I received is scented so it was more fun to paint with.

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As for the Corla Paint Markers, well they are just too unique to pass up. They are just markers, but one side has a brush-like feature. The kids have created wonderful work thanks to the dual tips and wide variety of colors they come with.

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arts n crafts dinosaur art kit

However, if your kids like something that is already put together, or more of a guided activity, the Dinoroar Kit is just amazing. This kit allows your kids to be both creative and have endless opportunities for fun. It contains both a nice variety of structured and unstructured activities that will give you a break while your kids will have some creative fun.

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amazing alphabet letter beads

While the Dinoroar Kit might be for younger kids, some of your older kids, and even teens might enjoy beading. I love this alphabet bead set as it is sorted and offers easy access to the letter the kids want to find. No more spending hours searing a huge bag for the one letter they need to use.

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preschool fun workbook

Talking about structure, I have also found some amazing educational books that your kids might enjoy. Dab and Dot has come out with a few amazing workbooks. They are perfect for letter and number recognition. However, if your kids would like to go a more artsy route, I would recommend checking out Art From Simple Shapes. This book just helps kids see the world in simple shapes and then bring their work to life.

What are some of your kids favorite art supplies?

All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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