Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Blocks

I am so excited to announce the first of our holiday gift guides. Today I want to share with you some of our amazing blocks to make the most of your child’s creativity. All of these blocks and have been enjoyed by our kids and today I have picked out the best of the best. Feel free to read more about the blocks, or go and purchase them directly.

I know your kids will enjoy these blocks are much as ours have.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Blocks

To start off a quality block center, I would recommend investing in some plank blocks. A plank block is a simple thin rectangular block that is easy to store and will not take up much space. While I have seen many plank blocks, I would recommend Keva Color Pops. The kids like colors and these blocks add a simple pop of color that is just so beautiful the kids wanted to play with these blocks most.

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nature inspired block play

Now that winter is coming, I am always looking for a new way to bring nature indoors. As it turns out, Water and Lightning have come up with two brilliant blocks inspired by none other than nature. Both the pebbles and sticks and stone set are beautifully crafted from wood. They are easy to hold and handle. The best part, I have seen the kids enjoy the sets on as an individual toy, or together with the Keva Color Pops. They are just so simple and so much fun. They do add a nice brightness to a dreary day.

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conductor carl from conductor carl wooden train set

Conductor Carl

To help make the blocks are interactive, I have both received and gifted a Conductor Carl Train Set. This is by far one of the best trains I have seen. This set comes with 100 pieces including trains, tracks, building, and people. This set is more than your typical starter set, but something the kids can cherish and enjoy.

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I know I have blogged about it many times, but I cannot stress the importance of block play. Such a simple toy can set your kids on a path for hours of educational fun and learning.

What are your kids favorite blocks?

holiday gift guide 2017 blocks

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