Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

When it comes to math, too many children struggle. As I started to teach math, I realized the real struggle is teachers do not teach math in a way that children can understand. In the list below, I have broken math down according to skill level. All of the games have not only been tried and tested, but seeing how the children love doing math, I would say each and every game is a must-have for this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Math Games

Number Recognition Math Games

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Counting Cans

The first thing we need to teach children is all about numbers. Counting Cans has always been a favorite, Not only is this game a great visual, but kids can sort and have fun with food toys as they are learning numbers 1-10.

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Another important number skills is visualizing more than one way to get to a number.  With many ways to arrange the numbers, we not only have fun playing this game, but we turned Tiny Dot into races and group activities. It is such a pleasure seeing the children count and coming up with more than one way to reach the number from 1-10.

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smack it

For kids who already recognize number and would like to go faster, Smack It! is still our top pick. A great race for kids of all ages.

Smack It!

Fun Addition Math Games

practice addition

An old fun game, we still play Ocean Raiders all of the time. Not only that, some of the kids take the game and review math alone. It is great to see how enthusiastic they are when it comes to playing and learning math.

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hit the trail

For a game that is more out of the box, we recently introduced Hit the Trail. The kids have really took to this game and enjoyed it greatly. We have fun setting number challenges and seeing how high they can add while enjoying a nice dice game.

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Amazing Multiplication Fun

multiplication games

To start the kids off with multiplication, we usually present them with manipulatives. While we do have many, we found Connects to be a huge hit. After all, why not have fun with jewelry while enjoying math?

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math dice

Once the kids can multiply, a great way to review their tables is with Math Dice. This game is simple. Every child gets to dice and starts multiplying according to the numbers. The more fluent your kids get, the faster the game will be.

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Great Division Games

fun division board game

I never realized how visual division can be until I got Pet Me. In only a matter of time, the kids were dividing and understanding the concept without having done a real lesson.

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Math Review Games

It is super important to keep up math review no matter how old you or your kids are. The following math games, are all great for both kids and adults.

plyt math game

Plyt Mountain is such a simple game. All you have to do it roll the dice, and do the math. While doing so, go around the board until you reach the top of the mountain. A few twists and turns to make the math fun.

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prime climb

With the addition of prime numbers, Prime Climb is another great game for both kids and adults.

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We have tested so many great math games. There are so many other great ones on my blog including Skyjo and 10 Essentials, but the above were chosen because they were games we enjoyed playing with and learning math from the most.

What is your favorite math game?

All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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