The Joy of Letting Go Book Review

Letting go! Something that many people find difficult. In the Joy of Letting Go, we see how and when we must do it for the sake of our kids.

The Joy of Letting Go Book Review

the joy of letting go

Book Review

If you have children, you know how hard it can be as they grow up. The older they get, the more abilities they have. I know for me, one of the most difficult parts I have, is knowing when to step in and help, and knowing when to pull back. Pulling back can be difficult especially when you know your child is going to make a mistake. The Joy of Letting Go is a book that will help.

What I loved about this book, is that every question has its own answer. As a parent, you do not need to read the whole book, but rather pick a topic you need help with. Not only will you find the answer, but at the end of every topic are some additional questions. This is very helpful so you as a mom or dad can really take a greater look at yourself and know when to help and when to pull back.


Night Time Tip

In order to make the most of the Joy of Letting Go, every night before you go to bed evaluate your day. Be honest with yourself. See if you had an opportunity let intervene for let go. For example, your teen is making French toast for breakfast. You know she is going to burn the toast so you tell you to flip it. That night evaluate the situation. If you let her burn it, she will make a new toast and learning how to tell for herself. By you telling her what to do, you took away a learning moment. No harm done.

My Overall Opinion

The Joy of Letting Go is a great book. It is the way I teach and treat my kids so having read it, helped me feel like I am doing the right thing. I really enjoyed reading it and feel like more parents should read it. By letting go and helping your kids grow up, they will be stronger adults.

I received a copy of the Joy of Letting Go in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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