Why Kids and Educators Love Stencils

I love stencils. I always have. My girls love using them when it comes to coloring and art work as well. While there are many reasons, for using stencils, I would like to share with you some of the artistic educational reasons why they are so much fun.

Why Kids and Educators Love Stencils

stencils for kids and educators

Working with Stencils


When it comes to children, it makes me sad to hear so many parents and educators telling the children to color in the line. First of all, not all kids have the fine motor abilities. Second of all, some children are in a rush and are only coloring because the teacher said they have to. Some do not want to color in the lines, and others may not have the ability. Stencils, take all the guesswork out.

In a way, the children have a raised line. They can explore coloring while the stencils keeps their pencils in the lines at all time. A win-win for all. They are having fun, doing the work like they are supposed to, and staying in the lines to keep educators and parents happy.


stencils for kids and educators

Some kids want to explore art. They may not have the ability to further their artistic goals, but have the imagination of what they want to creat. By giving them stencils, you are helping children bring their creative thinking to life in ways they may not be possible.


Some kids like to explore what pencils can do for them. They love shading, but cannot from the details like flowers and other animals. A basic stencil can form the shape, and set the kids up color exploration fun.

Mimtom Plastic Stencils

mimtom plastic stencils

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For the purpose of this review, I used Mimtom Plastic Stencils. This set is just amazing. This set of stencils come in a plastic box for easy portability. Each of the sheets of stencils are hard and provide a nice border for the kids to work within.

As a side note, I love how the Mimtom Plastic Stencils are transparent. This gives children to properly see their work and plan the next layer according to what fits. A lot of the opaque stencils make the children guess where the place their art and this can lead to frustration and a messy work.

I received a set of Mimtom Plastic Stencils to help with this review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources.

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