If You Were Me and Lived in Germany Book Review

Germany is one part of the world that holds lots of interesting culture. I have learned about it in world history class, but seeing what life is like today was interesting.

If you Were me and Lived in Germany Book Review

if you were me and lived in germany

Book Review

Germany is a very interesting part of the world. From the names of the boys and girls to the culture, so many of the culture is like American culture but different. For example, they play fussball and American’s play soccer. They enjoy eating wurst while we have hot dogs and American sausages.

Overall life in Germany seems to be very similar but different. In addition to the day to day life, they enjoy long bike rides and the castles unique to Germany. I found this book to have a lot of interesting facts that the kids would not have been exposed to.

Food Tasting

There are some German foods like herring and sauerkraut that can be found in America. See if you can pick up some authentic German made foods and have an interesting dinner. Whatever you cannot find, try to cook it at home. Your kids will love the cultural experience this book will take you on.

My Overall Experience

If You Were Me and live in Germany is a book that really takes kids on a journey around Germany. From the interesting buildings, to the foods they eat, and the names they call their family, children looking to learn about Germany will find all sorts of interesting fact through this book. If You Were Me and Lived in Germany is a great book for expanding kids cultural experience in life.


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I received a copy of If You Were Me and Lived in Germany in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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