Newseum: A Must See Museum in Washington DC

Sorry I have not posted all week. My family and I took a visit to Washington DC. It has been amazing. One of our stops was the Newseum. By the time you finish reading my post, I hope you make the Newseum part of your vacation.

Newseum: A Must See Museum in Washington DC



Newseum Architecture

When we first arrived at the Newseum, I was amazed. Before we even checked in, we were greeted by modern architecture. The room was clean, and the people were really nice and warm. After we got out tickets and checked out bags in, it was off to the basement. Our tour started in the basement. We went down, and then up to the 6th floor. From there we went down and toured all of the floors and exhibits.

Our Experience

newseum history of news

History of News

As we went through the exhibits of the Newseum, we were greeted by a brilliant mix history from the past all the way to the present. Most of the exhibits had such a wonderful mix, that as we were touring, the wealth of information was endless. For example, when we were learning about how news was shared, we saw printing presses, telephones, cameras, and computers.

In addition to seeing news papers and tools of the trade, the Newseum had a lot of amazing features. For example, through the tour, there were numerous screenings. The screenings covered interesting topics that were all related to the news. My favorite screening in particular, was how the First Amendment was added and how it evolved to the freedom of the press as we know it.


touching berlin wall

Touching Berlin Wall

When it comes to education Newseum, literally has it all. Just by reading through the papers, the kids were introduced to history of both the past and present. They were able to make connections, ask questions, and we have what to research at home.

In addition, they are always adding new exhibits. While we were there, we got to touch the Berlin Wall and learn about the FBI. In addition, they are always changing exhibits so no two visits are alike.

Our Overall Experience

We were all literally blown away by our visit to the Newseum. The feel and decore of the building was modern, clean, and contemporary. The exhibits were filled with history from a replica of the first printing press to the news of the day. While all of the history was so different, it was displayed in a way that was educational, hands-on, and engaging. For my family and myself, the Newseum is a must see. We have seen it once and would love to come back and pay a visit again.

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We received free tickets to the Newseum in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources.


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