The Two of Us Book Review

The Two of Us is a tale of a broken women and a man out to heal her heart. The Two of Us Book Review Book Summary Mia has her heart set on a traveling to the world to heal other people. When her sister gives her a call that she is pregnant and getting […]

a name unknown

A Name Unknown Book Review

When Rosemary takes on a job, she finds herself in a very tricky situation. She comes to questions her background and loyalty while struggling to make the right choice. A Name Unknown Book Review Book Summary Rosemary Gresham made a name for herself. She started out as a common thief for survival and ended up being noticed […]

leather headbands

Stunning Leather Headbands for Teens

If you have a teen, you know how difficult it can be for the new school year. Fashion is top priority. Well, I am very pleased to share these Leather Headbands with you. They are very mature looking and come in all sorts of colors so your teen will always look her best. Stunning Leather […]

encourage stem

Magnetic Pieces to Encourage STEM

If you have kids who are getting older, I am sure they are outgrowing the Magnetic Tiles. No need to stop STEM education there. With this Magnetic Building set, you can now encourage STEM for your older kids. Just a fun new way to add to play and education. Magnetic Pieces to Encourage STEM Are […]

stem tiles for education

Unique Construction Magnetic STEM Tiles

We love Magnetic STEM Tiles. Not only do the kids have fun with magnetic tiles, but this set comes with the addition of moving parts. You have to check out this video to see how much fun they are. Unique Construction Magnetic STEM Tiles Are your kids into magnetic tiles? Education: problem-solving, critical thinking, building, imagination, […]

best laminator

Best Laminator for Teachers

If you are like me, and are in the market for laminators, you have to check out this demo. I am really loving my Marigold Laminator. Best Laminator for Teachers Are you in the market for a new laminator? Pros: easy to use, comes out nice, great quality, takes up minimal space, nice simple design, warms […]

encourage writing with gems

Encourage Writing with Gems

If you are looking for a fun way to encourage writing, give your kids assorted stationary and a pack of Gems. If you run a classroom, find another group of kids looking for pen pals. This will be a great way to sparkle up your kids work and help them foster a love of writing. […]

plant study

Montessori Inspired Plant Study with Stamps

If you are teaching your kids about nature and the life cycle of a plant, they would love these Center Enterprises Stamps. These stamps allow the children to have fun while labeling the parts of the stamp as often as they like. No need to run out of work, all the kids need to do is […]

tun toddler bug stamps

Fun Toddler Bug Stamps

If your kids enjoyed the previous Toddler Farm Stamps, they will love these Bug Stamps. These stamps from Center Enterprises really speaks to the children. Fun colors, clear backgrounds and overall years to use. A perfect introduction to art and fun for a new year. Fun Toddler Bug Stamps Pros: easy to use, comes in great […]

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