fine pen review

Basic Liner Fine Line Pen Review

With the new school season back here is an honest review of these pens. I hope they will make your school year as amazing as it has ours. Basic Liner Fine Line Pen Review What do you think of these pens?   Video Review I received these pens in exchange for an honest review. All opinions […]

staple saving haul

Staples Shopping Haul Week 2

This week Staples had some amazing sales on glue. We have stocked up on all different types of glues for all different types of projects. I also have two product warnings if you are looking to save a little extra as well so check those out. Staples Shopping Haul Week 2 Video of Savings

pirate game of math

Addition, Subtraction, Number Games Oh My!

We love mixing educational games. In Rabbit Pirates your kids will have so much fun, they will not realize how many skills they are actually learning. Addition, Subtraction, Number Games Oh My! What is your kids favorite fun math game? Educational Value: addition, subtraction, greater than and less than numbers, socialization, mental math Pros: so many skills […]

Somebody Game Play: Build Somebody

Somebody Game Play: Build Somebody Here is the second way to play this fun anatomy game. YouTube I received Somebody in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

Wild Dash, Our Rules

While we may have struggled with the original rules, with some tweaking, Wild Dash is a game worth adding to any educational space. Wild Dash, Our Rules What do you think of our new way of playing?   Education: math, addition, greater, less than, math, taking turns, problem-solving Pros: fun storyline, cute characters, promotes critical thinking in addition […]

positive energy display

Positive Energy Display Caddy

Positive energy can be difficult to come by. Especially when your kids are being kids. However, instead of getting frustrated, have them be on the lookout for positive energy. The best way to get the best results is through this amazing display. Positive Energy Display Caddy What are some ways you promote positive energy in your […]

somebody game rules #1

Somebody Game Play: Game #1

In the first game, the kids can familiarize themselves with some of the internal organs. All they need to have is the ability to do some basic reading and matching. Such a fun game and your kids will be on their way to recognizing the location of some of their internal organs. Somebody Game Play: […]

outsmart worry a teenagers guide to anxiety

Outsmart Worry Anxiety Book Review

Anxiety can be really real for some kids. They may not fully understand what is going on and that can lead to more worry. However, Outsmart Worry is here to help. Outsmart Worry Anxiety Book Review Book Summary Outsmart Worry is a book that helps older kids and teens understand their anxiety. Unlike most children’s books, this […]

i am mixed

I Am Mixed: Book Review

I Am Mixed! is a book review about a girl and her parents. I Am Mixed!: Book Review Book Review There was once a young girl. She loved her mother. She loved her father. Her mother was white and her father was black. She was confused. If she called herself white, she might hurt her […]

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