long u phonics

Long U Vowel Sounds

The Long U has many vowel sounds. In the video below, you will be walked through the many sounds of the Long U and the order in which I teach it. After watching the video, feel free to leave a comment below. It would be nice to hear the different approach you take when teaching […]

the wonderful roundabout

The Wonderful Roundabout Book Review

The Wonderful Roundabout is a collection of short stories. Each of the stories is fairly different and has its own set of characters. Great for kids who do not like focusing. The Wonderful Roundabout Book Review Book Review The Wonderful Roundabout is a book of short stories. Each of the stories are geared toward kids. Some […]

art smart

Art Smart Book Review

Art Smart is one of those books that is interactive while fun and teaching kids all about art education. Art Smart Book Review Book Review Art Smart is a book that introduces children to art education in a fun way. On one side of the page is a painting, a famous work of art. On the […]

magical magnets

Education of the Week: Magical Magnets

This week we chose Magical Magnets as the best. The main reason, if you give your kids loose parts, you will see the magic happen. This set not only comes with magnets in all sorts of geometrical shapes, but it also has loose parts. In my video, you will see some of the amazing parts […]

construction toy

Fun Construction Building Set

If your kids are into construction and you are looking for a neat vehicle, check out this bulldozer. In the video, I share a first-hand demonstration on how this bulldozer works. You will see my honest opinion. If you like what you see, consider getting this set for your kids. After you watch the video, I […]

phonics sound of the long o

The Many Sounds of Long O

If you are getting ready to teach your kids phonics, check out the many sounds of long o. By understanding how the long o works, you kids will have a better grasp on the English language. Don’t forget to check out for the one tricky phonic blend. The Many Sounds of Long O What order […]

magical magents magnet tiles

Magnetic Tiles for Loose Parts STEM

We love loose part. It creates a wonderful STEM experience for the kids. As it turns out, magnetic tiles can be just as stimulating. I love how we can give the kids a basic shape, the watch the learning begin. Watch the video and let me know what you think of Acrato Magnetic Tiles. Magnetic […]

one pan and done hassle free cooking

One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table Book Review

If you like to cook homemade without much hassle, check out One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table. All you need is one pan and the food is as good as ever. One Pan & Done Hassle Free Meals from the Oven to Your Table Book Review Cookbook Overview One […]

the elusive miss ellison

The Elusive Miss Ellison Book Review

The Elusive Miss EllisonLavinia was a woman with strong feelings and morals. In The Elusive Miss Ellison, she does her best to stay true to herself, even if it hurts her. The Elusive Miss Ellison Book Review Book Review Lavina was a woman of strong morals. Her father a reverend, and her mother passed away. […]

cinderella's magical wheelchair

Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair Book Review

If you have kids who are wheelchair bound and like a good fairy tale, they will really enjoy reading Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair. Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair Book Review Book Review Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair is a story about a wheelchair-bound Cinderella. Even in her state, she manages to do her best. She takes care of her step family and […]

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