plant study

Montessori Inspired Plant Study with Stamps

If you are teaching your kids about nature and the life cycle of a plant, they would love these Center Enterprises Stamps. These stamps allow the children to have fun while labeling the parts of the stamp as often as they like. No need to run out of work, all the kids need to do is […]

tun toddler bug stamps

Fun Toddler Bug Stamps

If your kids enjoyed the previous Toddler Farm Stamps, they will love these Bug Stamps. These stamps from Center Enterprises really speaks to the children. Fun colors, clear backgrounds and overall years to use. A perfect introduction to art and fun for a new year. Fun Toddler Bug Stamps Pros: easy to use, comes in great […]

time and money stamps

Learning About Time and Money Through Stamping

If your kids are ready to learn about time and money, check out these amazing stamps from Center Enterprises. This is a whole new way to learn. Forget about worksheets, your kids can now learn in a way that makes sense to them. Learning About Time and Money Through Stamping Will your kids love learning […]

wizard roll

A Cute Game of Wizards and Patterns

If your kids like wizards, you should check out Wizard Roll. Through playing and having fun, your kids will be gaining important math skills such as patterning and visual special relations. Not to mention, this is a fun game for family game night. A Cute GAme of Wizards and Patterns Are you kids into wizards […]

beautiful satin headbands

Beautiful Satin Headbands for Middle School Children

If your child is in middle school, you might want to check out these satin headbands. The simple design, yet beautiful colors, make this the ideal choice. This set comes with 12, so your child will literally have a headband to match everything in her wardrobe. Beautiful Satin Headbands for Middle School Children Do your […]

toddler stamps

The Perfect Set of Toddler Stamps

If you are looking for the perfect set of toddler stamps, look no further. It was as if this set was made with the toddler right there. The Perfect Set of Toddler Stamps Does your toddler love playing with stamps? Pros: easy to use, easy to hold, stamp comes out nice, includes both stamps and ink, […]

Positive Good Deed Origami Notes

I am always looking for new ways to promote positive behavior. A while back I created some free Positive Energy printables. In that post, I focused on the child and self. However, it is equally important for children to see others in a positive light. With this Origami Paper holder, the children will have access […]

kids dollar tree haul

Kids Dollar Tree Haul Part 2

The kids were upset did a Dollar Tree Haul without them. Yes I went out and made a separate haul with them. See what they chose to help them with this new year. Kids Dollar Tree Haul Part 2 What are your kids favorite products from the Dollar Tree? YouTube Video Dollar Tree Part 1: […]

stunning headbands for everyone

Stunning Headbands for the First Day of School

The first day of school is so close. If your kids are looking for a way to add some sparkle and joy to this special day, you must check these headbands out. Stunning Headbands for the First Day of School Are your kids into the whole glittery fashion craze? Would they love these headbands? Pros: looks […]

dollar tree haul part 1

Educational Dollar Tree Haul Part 1

If you love the Dollar Tree as much as I do, check out this haul. I got a whole bunch of things to get me started for the new year. I am very excited. Educational Dollar Tree Haul Part 1 What do you think of this haul? Video Review

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