juxtabo game

JuxTaBo for Pre-Writing Skills

You will have to see the video to see how we use JuxTaBo for pre-writing skills. Finger form and having fun is the key. JuxTaBo for Pre-Writing Skills What do you think of this fun innovative way to have fun with writing? Affiliate Purchase: http://amzn.to/2ks0XUI JuxTaBo Review: http://wp.me/p5mpUE-1qC Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) I received JuxTaBo in exchange […]

long a vowel rules

The Many Sounds of Long A

If you are ready to teach the kids long A vowels, you must check out this video. Here is the order I like to teach and why it makes sense. The Many Sounds of Long A What is the order you teach Long A? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) Vowel Blank E: http://wp.me/p5mpUE-1z5 For the complete Literacy Tuesday program, […]

happy birthday charming

Happy Birthday Charming 2017

Over the weekend it was Charmings birthday. He is already 2 years old. Wow! How time flies when the kids are growing up. Happy Birthday Charming 2017 Charming is 2 years old. He has big beautiful blue eyes and loves to make trouble. When he looks at you with his adorable smile, you know he […]

I Am Not Weird, I Have SPD Book Review

So many kids are diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Here is a book that will help both kids and parents understand what it is like being diagnosed and living with SPD. I Am Not Weird, I Have SPD Book Review Book Review Alexandra was a typical little girl when she was born. As she grew […]

judgement of paris

The Judgement of Paris Book Review

If your kids are into mythology, this book might just be the book to get them started. The Judgement of Paris Book Review Book Review The Judgement of Paris is a book about Paris. Paris was no ordinary boy. His father was the king and his mother a queen. Being royalty and all, he was […]


Educational Pick of the Week: Connects

Wow. You have to see this to believe it. Check out some of the many reasons we love connects for education. Educational Pick of the Week: Connects Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) Click Image to Purchase I received Connects in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post […]

b arty beads for focusing

Beads for Sensory Fidget

Even in my non-traditional classroom, I still have a need for fidgets. Here is one idea on how to use Arty Beads as a classroom sensory fidget. You might be surprised at how fast your kids start to pay attention and concentrate. Beads for Sensory Fidget Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) I purchased B. Arty Sensory Beads […]

my frist bananagrams

Fine Motor Short Vowel Learning Activity

I have reviewed Bananagrams in the past. This however, is a fun new way to combine spelling with all of the fun Bananagrams has to offer when it comes to fine motor skills. What a great way to learn. Fine Motor Short Vowel Learning Activity What do you think of this combo? Support Play-Based Education! (Patreon) […]

connects for art education

Fun Ways to use Connects for Art Education

If you are looking for a fun innovative way to teach your kids about the arts, especially pointillism, I would suggest you check out connects. I will stand firm when I say the more sets the better. I have a few and the kids love it. There is no end to education with a bucket […]

treasures in dark places

Treasures in Dark Places Book Review

I am sorry to say, but Treasures in Dark Places was not the book for me. Treasures in Dark Places Book Review Book Review Leanna Cinquanta lived quite an interesting life. For a large part of her life, she lived surrounded by nature. She loved a life of running wild, climbing trees and just exploring […]

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