Learning Resources Shape Templates

Learning shapes is so much fun. There are so many great manipulitives available. Drawing shapes is a whole other story. With Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template, kids can practice so many great skills that go along with learning to make shapes.

Alphabet Friday: Letter O o

I love board games. While I am a huge fan of teaching through hands-on manipulatives and sensory activities, it is also fun to get a group of kids playing and learning. This next board game is fun for everyone. SEQUENCE LETTER Jax¬†Games Contents: Playing Board Playing chips for 3 players Deck of cards from a-z […]

compact portable cell phone charger

Lifeguard Mini One Portable Charger

For one reason or the next, we all rely on out cell phones having a long battery life. If you ever find yourself loosing power and no where to charge, this min portable charger will be a life saver. It is small, yet powerful enough to hold a charge.

kindergarden success

5 Academic Skills Your Kindergartener Should Master

This post is not here to judge. Rather I am taking my past experiences as a substitute as a guide to your child’s success. It is coming in with these basic skills that will help your child and the teacher succeed this academic year.

melissa and doug farm cubed puzzle

Melissa & Doug Cubed Farm Puzzle

Cubed puzzles are a lot of fun. It is like having 6 in one. Melissa 7 Doug has a great Cubed Puzzle with adorable farm animals on them.

rush hour shift thinkfun

ThinkFun Rush Hour Shift

When I was younger, my logic skills were challenged by playing my favorite game Rush Hour. Now ThinkFun has upgraded this great game and put a whole new twist on it with Rush Hour Shift.

Alphabet Friday: Letter N n

I am not one to promote, or even encourage kids hanging out on Youtube, but I have to admit they have some great educational resources. When both of my girls were younger they came home singing such funny songs they learned in class. Hey, they remembered the alphabet really fast so I guess it worked. […]

headbanz game

Hedbanz to Improve Language

Hedbanz is a game that both kids and adults like. I have played it with my family as well as with my special needs kids. The adults love the silliness while the kids love the idea behind it.

speed stacks cup stacking

Cup Staking Helps Boost Focusing and Concentration Skills

Talk about extreme and sorts. I did not realize how competitive cup stacking was until recently. In addition to the confidence, Cup Stacking has to offer, it can also be used to help build a child focus as well as hand eye coordination.

math manipulitives

Learning Resources Counting Cans for Math

Learning to count is super important. It sets up your child with a future in math. Learning Resources One to Ten Counting Cans not only teaches your kids to count, but they let your children feel the numbers helping them understand the basics of math.

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