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February Roundup

February has come and gone so fast. In my world of product testing, it has been really exciting. While it looks like this month was heavy with health and beauty products, here are the best for both Moms and Kids.

Alphabet Friday: Letter K k

For the letter K, I have a great DVD form Rock n’ Learn. Thanks to their Alphabet, kids will not only learn the alphabet, but exposing them to beginning sounds will help them with phonic skills later on.

kids acting game

Let Your Kid be a Star While Playing Kids on Stage

Kids on Stage Game is a must have for every special educator or child looking to have fun. It has so many levels of skills combined, the kids love it.

kids dice gams

Martian Dice Game with Giveaway

Talk about aliens and Martians coming down to earth. Well in Martian Dice, you are from outer space. It is your job to come take over planet earth before the earthlings get to you.

coconut oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil for Pain Relief

When Big C. came home from her adventure, she was all sore and bruised up. I decided to try my Coconut Oil to help her rather then giving her Motrin.

rorehip seed oil

Foxbrim Organic Rosehip Seed Oil for Babies and Eczema

I have tried using Rosehip Seed Oil on myself but not on kids. With the arrival of Foxbrim I got brave and the results were amazing.

Alphabet Friday: Letter J j

For those of you with Apple products, here is an app that is amazing. Alphabet Jumbled will work on both iPhones and iPads. Well worth checking out.

modest dressing

5 Reasons I Choose to Dress Modestly

A bit of a controversial topic, but I would like to share with you 5 reasons why it is important for me and my family to dress modestly.

ceramic non stick frying pan

Ceramic Non-Stick Ozeri Green Frying Pan

If you let your kids in the kitchen, you need to be careful when it comes to using the frying pan. One wrong move, and everything can burn, or undercook. With the Ozeri Non Stick Ceramic Chemical Free Green Frying Pan, my girls can have more independence while cooking their favorite foods. See what they made…

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