goldbrick games perpetual commotion

Goldbrikc Games Perpetual Commotion Speedy Card Game

If you have a large group and are looking for a fast paced game that will bring out everyones competitive nature Perpetual Commotion might be just the game you are looking for.

StartWrite 6.0 Handwriting Worksheet Software

When it comes to education, I love creating my work and customizing it my own way. It makes it more fun for the kids. StartWrite is a very unique program in that it gives me all the control I need to help the kids with handwriting.

abundant harvest board game for kids

Abundant Harvest Board Game For Kids

On my previous blog, I have reviewed Abundant Harvest Conversational Board Game for Kids. This game really encourages kids to talk and communicate that I had to bring it back.

free cover printable for my special abcs alphabet

Alphabet Friday: Letter D d

The letter D is so exciting. From Dentist to Doctor, there is so much to learn about. Of course for the kids who want to take letter formation to the next level, here is a great sand molding activity.

spoon book

My Favorite Book: Spoon

Spoon is by far one of my top 5 favorites. It has a great lesson for kids through adorable kitchen characters. I think I say it all when a 2 year old can sit through this book 3 times in a row.

slamwich gamewright card game collectors tin

Gamewright Slamwich the Fast Flipping Sandwich Game

What can be more fun. Thanks to Gamewrigh, Slamwich combines food and card games into one. A winner for family gatherings.

mathterpeices math book for kids

Math-terpieces Addition Art Problem Solving Book by Greg Tang

Thinking outside the box when it comes to math can be tricky. On the one hand, math is straight forward, but on the other hand there can be more then on solution. Math-terpeices is a book that combines art and math to help kids learn the importance of critical thinking.

holiday board game gift list

Hello Kitty Picnic in the Park Board Game

Hello Kitty. I don’t know about you, but my girls are such a fan. I was so happy to find Hello Kitty Picnic in the Park board game. The kids love following directions, playing together, color matching and so much more.

free cover printable for my special abcs alphabet

Alphabet Friday: Letter C c

Today is time for letter C. In addition to this great letter, I have an amazing puzzle that you can use in so many different levels to help your little one.