contents from learning resources pop for sight words game

Learning Resources Pop For Sight Words

I know what I am about to say is really controversial, but I am not a fan of sight words. This might look funny that I am a huge fan of POP for Sight Words game but you should read the full review and then comment.

using foxbrim vitamin c lotion with aloe vera and jojoba oil

Foxbrim Vitamin C Facial Lotion

My face gets really dry in the winter. I am always looking to test and try new creams to help. When I was contacted to review Foxbrim Vitamin C Facial Lotion, I could not help but accept .

free cover printable for my special abcs alphabet

Alphabet Friday: Letter A a

Learning the Letters can be fun and challenging four your little one. One of my favorite tools to use, are flashcards. They help the child with simple observation skills.

pure body naturals peppermint oil

Respiratory Relief Using Peppermint Oil Aroma Therapy

My whole family suffers from allergies year round. We learned to deal with it, but it is not comfortable. With peppermint oil, I feel like we are human again. No more breathing through the mouth at night.

melissa and doug things that go puzzle storage box

Melissa & Doug Mini Vehicles Set of 4 Puzzles

Teaching kids same and different is difficult. Adding smaller categories just makes the concept all the more confusing. Thanks to Melissa & Doug, I can now do it in a distraction free way. The success has been great.

discovery toys playful patterns

Discovery Toys Playful Patterns

Shapes and patters are a super important skill to learn. It not only teaches kids how to draw and see the world, but it will later on help them with math as well. Playful Patterns by Discovery Toys is the prefect toy to give your tot a head start.

Alphabet Friday: Introduction

Starting next week, I will be posting some printable. My goal is over the next 26 weeks to cover the whole alphabet covering one week at a time.

liberty belle american girl doll night gown

Liberty Belle Doll Clothing for American Girl Doll

Liberty Belle has totally changed my view on doll clothing. It is affordable and fits really nicely. Makes a doll look all cute and adorable.

peve shower curtain liner in packaging

Peva Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain

Between my two girls and my nephews, the shower is running all the time. In a way, I think we should by stock in the curtains and liners well so I thought. The Peva Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain seems to be tough enough to handle it all.

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