Alphabet Friday: Introduction

Starting next week, I will be posting some printable. My goal is over the next 26 weeks to cover the whole alphabet covering one week at a time.

liberty belle american girl doll night gown

Liberty Belle Doll Clothing for American Girl Doll

Liberty Belle has totally changed my view on doll clothing. It is affordable and fits really nicely. Makes a doll look all cute and adorable.

peve shower curtain liner in packaging

Peva Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain

Between my two girls and my nephews, the shower is running all the time. In a way, I think we should by stock in the curtains and liners well so I thought. The Peva Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain seems to be tough enough to handle it all.

mini remote control car jumping off blocks

Mini Remote Control Car for Kids

Remote control cars are so much fun. They are not only fun, but work in skills like hand eye coordination and special relationships.

kidzlane sing a long cd and mp3 player

KidzLane Portable CD and MP3 Player

Music is such a big part of my girls and nephews life. When I found a player that will withstand all their roughness and still sounds great. I was very pleased.

gamewright pyramix

GameWright Pyramix

This is by far the best game of 2014. Pyramix is not only a big hit with my girls and their friend, but so far every child who played fell in love with it. If you are looking for a game everyone will love and enjoy, I would strongly suggest Pyramix.

dodge dice by gamewright

Gamewright Dodge Dice

We do not always have the time to sit for a long game. Dodge Dice makes family game nights fast and fun. Just be careful. You do not want to end up with the most points.

100 wacky things from patch

Path 100 Wacky Things Card Game

100 Wacky Things Card Game is so silly, then when you perform the tasks on the card you have no choice but to laugh. A very funny game that everyone will love.

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