knot so fast game contents by thinkfun

ThinkFun Knot so Fast

The brain is often a muscle that does not get challenged as an adult. Thanks to Knot so Fast you will actually feel it working while having fun solving puzzles.

thinkfun gravity maze box

ThinkFun Gravity Maze

I loved mazes growing up. Following the path to get out was so much fun. Now thanks to Gravity Maze, you can make it come to life in a whole new level of fun.

Conductor carl wooden train set

Conductor Carl 100 Pice Wooden Train Set

,When I was younger, my brother always went to this friend house to play with a wooden train set. After testing and approving the Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train set, we are now the house that all the local kids come to play with a wooden train.

set of 15 wooden professionals from imagination generation

Imagination Genration Set of 15 Wooden Professionals

My girls love Wooden Professionals. This set gives them the opportunity and creativity to bring their real world situations into their creative play. It is so cute to see the stories they come up with when mixing this set with their blocks or trains.

Imagination Generation Wooden Block Set

Imagination Genration Wooden Block Set

I think every home and school should have a nice set of wooden blocks. There is so much fun and learning involved. This set of 100 Wooden Blocks from Imagination Generation is both colorful and fun.

Obstacle House mats

Obstacle House Bringing Physical Exercise Indoors

I thought it would be like pulling teeth but keeping my girls active during winter is challenging. In the summer months we spend lots of time outdoors but when the weather gets bad, well between them an my nephews, I am glad we have Obstacle House.

contents from b pop arty beads

B. Pop Arty Beads for Fine Motor Skills

Kids love to create. Rather then just giving them simple boring fine moro activities. The B. Pop Arty beads not only have endless learning opportunities, but they make strengthening fine motor skills fun.

educational insights robot face race box

Educational Insights Robot Face Race

Scanning is a skill that is great for pre-readers to master. This will help them later on with the more complex skills of finding letters and helping them translate that into words. Robot Face Race is just the game of choice.

educational insights even stevens odd

Educational Insights Even Stevens Odd

A game that is not only fun, but helps kids increase their math skills. It is such a pleasure seeing groups of kids playing Even Steven’s Odd for fun.

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