educational insights even stevens odd

Educational Insights Even Stevens Odd

A game that is not only fun, but helps kids increase their math skills. It is such a pleasure seeing groups of kids playing Even Steven’s Odd for fun.

my first microscope from educational insights

Educational Insights My First Microscope

For a toddler, teaching them abstract reasoning is very difficult. Giving them a microscope so they can see the differences will make their lives a whole lot easier.

chet the cat and friends toddler money

Educational Insights Chet the Cat and Friends Toddler Money

Kids love to pretend to be all grown up. As much fun as it may see, it can be dangers at times. Toddler Money is a great way to help build a recognition for money in a safe way.

design and drill socket to me game box

Educational Insights Design and Drill Socket to Me

Helping kids explore their environment is super important. This skills will later help with turning door knobs and even writing.


I cannot wait to get this site fully transferred and up and running.

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