We the People A Modern Look Book Review

If you ever wondered what our founding father thought when they wrote the laws of America, We the People has some answers.

We the People A Modern Look Book Review

we the people

Book Review

We know America as we know it today. However, when our founding fathers were trying to figure out a system that worked, they put in many laws that have changed over time. For example, let’s look at slavery. They wrote about freedom and rights for people but at the same time, they owned slaves. Women were treated very differently and did not have many rights they have today. Over the course of years, so many laws have been passed to uphold and enrich the constitution to make America what it is today.

We the People is a fascinating read. In addition to human rights, we have seen major changes in technology. This book goes through famous people and how they had to lobby and interpret the constitution to the world we know today.

You Be the Judge!

After reading We the Pople, pick a topic. It can be a topic from the book or a topic that has not been discussed. Some interesting topics include cyber bullying, phone scams, and hit and run. After picking a decision about what side you are one, make sure to back up your facts with phrases from our founding fathers and the constitution. It will be interesting to see how far the past can support our future.

Have a Debate

Pick a founding father and a modern topic. With your father in mind, have two people debate as if the issue was present during the signing of the constitution. This would be fun for a school debate team or a homeschool in which you have older children.

My Overall Opinion

we the people

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We the People was a very interesting read. I have to say it was filled with lots of history both from the past and from our current time. It was very interesting to see how the past will continue to influence or future.

I received a copy of We the People in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links

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