Peppers of the Americas Cookbook Review

I love peppers. I eat them all the time. I use red peppers in my soups, yellow peppers in my salads, and black pepper to flavor my foods. Who knew there were lots more peppers?

Peppers of the Americas Cookbook Review

peppers of the americas

Book Summary

I love cooking with peppers. I find they add a nice flavor to my foods. When I go shopping and find a new variety, I like to try it out. I remember a few years back tasting a purple pepper. We go to farms and our local grocery. After reading Peppers of the Americas, it seems like there are a lot more peppers than I realized. If you like your food, and want to learn more about peppers, this cookbook is for you.

Peppers of the Americas starts off with an introduction by Maricel E. Presilla and how peppers became his thing. This book then takes the reader on a pepper journey. You can learn literally everything you might want to know from how to grow a pepper, how to taste a pepper, and the anatomy of a pepper. While it may look like this book has gone a little to far, I found it interesting.

One of my favorite parts is when the author goes into the different types of peppers. I love the additional images and details making each pepper an individual. When adding new ingredients into your foods this is a huge plus.

Speaking of new ingredients, if you are not yet comfortable with all of the different varieties of peppers, no worries, this cookbook has some recipes at the end.

Fun Tip

If you have a garden take advantage of this cookbook. Try adding one new variety of peppers to your garden and you will have fun new flavors to add to your food.

My Overall Opinion

peppers of the americas cookbook

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I found Peppers of the Americas to be both a fun and educational read. I like peppers but I did not realize how many there were. As I read through this book I found myself on a food journey, a journey I am looking forward to seeing come true in my real life.

I received a copy of Peppers of the Americas in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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