The Return: An Amish Beginnings Book Review

The Return is a book about faith, survival, and confusion. A great read for people who enjoy a nice Amish book.

The Return: An Amish Beginnings Book Review

Book Summary

Betsy Zook was a good Amish girl. Her parents came to America and she lived the ideal life. One day, she was captured by Indians in a raid. She was scared, confused, and had no clue what her life was going to bring her. The only thing that kept her going, was faith; faith she would survive, and come out a stronger Amish girl then she was before. However, life took a turn when she found herself sold to an Indian family to be their daughter.

Tess Bauer, was a good Amish Girl. She loved her community and did what she needed to according to her faith. However, she did have one conflict. She had her mind set on marrying Hans. Hans however, wanted to marry Betsy and so Tess was lost in her dreams. When Betsy was taken captive, she found hope.

The Return is more of a journey. A journey of Betsy and her survival in captivity. A journey of Tess and finding herself in the adult world. This book is filled with two different stories and how they play off each other in a well-written way.


I want to point out, Hans annoyed me. He reminded me of the no good bullies in a school in which everyone looked up to for no reason other than to be his friend. I have to say he was written well. He had a depth to him that was well played until the end. He was needed for the character development in The Return, but he still annoyed me.

My Overall Opinion

the return an amish beginnings book

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The Return was a great read. The characters were well written and developed. I enjoyed how they all started together, were separated due to the Indians and somehow came back together in a story that made sense. I would love to see read a sequel of The Return. A well-written book.

I received a copy of The Return in exchange for my honest review. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

the return an amish beginnings book

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