Seasons of Joy Book Review

Seasons of Joy is truly a unique book. It takes all of the four seasons and shares something special about it.

Seasons of Joy Book Review

seasons of joy

Many kids can tell you all about the four seasons. Some can tell you what they love about each individual season. This book, however, takes the best of both worlds.

Seasons of Joy starts off with Spring. It shares with the children some of the wonderful outdoor activities. It is fun and the illustrations are just so captivating, even during bad weather, the children feel like they are part of the season.

Not only do the children get to see what is special about each season, but this book is written in such a poetic way, the children can really feel it. For example, the snow in winter is like a nice fluffy blanket.

For me, poetry is so important in education. It helps kids see and think out of the box, and Seasons of Joy really takes the best of everything in this book.

Poetry Idea

After reading Seasons of Joy, talk to your kids about their favorite season. Let them pick something special about that season and describe it using all five senses.

For example, I will pick the rain during spring. The rain feels nice and cool, like the water in a pool. It surrounds me as it falls from the sky and makes me all wet and soggy. As I walk down my block when it is raining, I make sure to splash in every puddle just as I do when I jump into the pool.

My Overal Opinion

seasons of joy

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I am a huge fan of Seasons of Joy. This is one book that is not only written well and beautifully illustrated, but it has the power to bring the seasons to life all year round.


I am so happy to share this book with 3 of you. Seasons of Joy is so amazing, this is a book your kids will love.

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After watching my book review of Season of Joy, let me know what you think.

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