How to Set a Table: Book Review

I do lots of entertaining. I love a nice party. When it comes to parties, I have two passions. The first is cooking the food, and the second is the look of the table. When I got How to Set a Table, I was really excited. With the holiday’s coming up, this book was perfect.

How to Set a Table: Book Review

how to set a table

How to Set a Table starts off with a brief overview of the pieces. For the beginner, this was a nice feature. It has a small illustration of what the piece should look like and the name. Having the names available is always nice if you want to expand your collections you know what to look for.

After the first chapter, for me, it went down hill from here. I felt like I was reading a bad addition of Good Housekeeping.

Growing up, we used to get Good Housekeeping and other like magazines. What I remember was every season, they would write an article on how to set a table. This would have an introduction, a few samples along the way and an ending. I found them all to be very informative and interesting and I looked forward to reading it when it came.

How to Set a Table is very different. It felt like they took out random illustrations from Good Housekeeping and just created a book. As I was reading this book, there was no beginning, middle or end. In a way, there was no direction at all.

In addition, some of the pages listed things that were just not present. They had good ideas about food placement, but the images did not contain food. A also found a few pages with additional center peices, but again it was not in the photographs. I have to say, from an amature entertainer, this book just did not do it for me. It left me with many quesitons, no guidance, and I did not learn anything new.

My Overall Opinion

If you have read any of my past reviews, I always try to find something good. I know just because I may not like a product, does not mean someone else may not. However, for me, not only did I not like How to Set a Table, I could not find anything good about it. Not a book I would read again or recomend.

Do you enjoy entertaining?

how to set a table book

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I received a copy of How to Set a Table in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources. This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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