Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday Book Review

Dan does not want to see Kate lose her birthday.

Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday Book Review

snowman paul kate's birthday


Dan tries to follow all the rules, but the cake just looks way to good. In the end, he ends up eating the whole thing until he realized he might ruin Kates birthday party. Dan is sad and turns to this good friend Snowman Paul for help.

Snowman Paul is willing to help Dan as long as he puts in a lot of time and effort to save the day.


Without giving too much of the ending away, I am very disappointed that Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday does not make Dan mention, or apologize, to Kate or her mother for eating the actual cake. Yes, he tries hard to make up for his actions, but in the end he was not held responsible for the error he made.

Writing Activity

If you are reading this to a class of writers, have them write about an incident that happened to them. They can include what they did wrong, what the outcome was, and if they could improve for the future.

I tell my class this all the time, everyone can make mistakes. It is how we act in the future that will determine what kind of person we are.

Tip: I have done similar activities with pre-writers. Instead of the children writing, I would have them dictate the information to me. This way we can always read back what they said and repeat the lesson over and over again.

Bottom Line

For me, Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday is an okay book. I enjoyed the read and felt it had a great lesson to teach the kids. For this specific read, I felt like it needed more supplementation and education from my end. Snowman Paul Saves Kate’s Birthday will be added to the library, but from an educational perspective, I felt them main teaching method was lacking.

What do you think of this book?

snowman paul saves kates birthday

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snowman paul kate's birthday

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