Super Stylish Bandana Bib Set for Babies

I don’t know about your kids, but my nieces and nephews started to drool really badly through their teething stages. It got so bad, they had rashes and wet patches all over the place. These Super Stylish Baby Bandana Bibs are the perfect solution.

Super Stylish Baby Bandana Bibs

super stylish baby bandana bib set

Bandana Bib Set Contents

This set comes with four bandana bibs. That is about as many as I need to get through a day, especially if baby is a spitter. For the moms who like to travel, this set has two bonuses. The first is a pacifier holder and the second a cup holder.

Bandana Bibs:

super stylish baby bandana bib set

The bandana bibs are really nice. they come with four all in completely different colors and patterns. You can mix and match them anyway you like. I know the patterns are gender neutral, but I find them a little masculine. It is just me, but I love my girls in pinks and reds. This set primarily is brown and blue; one of the bibs has some yellow.

The backing of the bibs are so soft. It almost feels like I am touching a cloud. Since most babies have sensitive skin, this will be a huge plus.

The last feature I want to point out, is the three snaps on the back of the bib. The previous Soft Bandana Bibs I have tested only contained two. More snaps mean more sizes allowing the bib to grow with baby.

Baby Bonus

For the mom on the go, the bonuses make this set all the worthwhile.

pacifier clip

The pacifier clip is great. You can never have to many. Between baby spitting up and drooling, I find I need one new one every day. This one is adorable. Made to fit literally every pacifier on the market, it has one side a neutral gray and the other side a nice red. It is easy to attach and will stay on.

baby cup holder stroller attachment

The other feature I love, is the cup holder. Just attach one side to stroller/car seat and the other side will hold onto babies cup. No matter how many times he throws it, it will always be attached. Makes a great solution, for babies who love throwing and making a mess.

My Overall Observation

baby bandana bib set

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Overall, we are thrilled with our Super Stylish Baby Bandana Bib Set. Not only does it look good on, but it actually stays on. I tried one of the bibs from this bib set on my nephew and he could not pull it off. He normally hates bibs but within a minute he was dancing and crawling all over the place with his new bib. A winner in our books.

Would you give this bib set as a baby shower gift?

I received this bandana bib set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine and were in no way influenced by outside sources.

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