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magnets with gears

A Great Set of Magnets with Gears

If your kids love magnets, and they like playing with gears, I think I have found a really amazing set. Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into one unique and amazing set. Children Hub found a way to combine both educational tools into on unique and amazing set. A Great Set of […]

march roundup

March 2017 Roundup

March was such a wonderful month. I am so happy to share it with all of you. March 2017 Roundup Literacy Tuesday has took an amazing turn. We reviewed some traditional vowel sounds from the Long O to the Long U  and ended with the Tricky Y. The best part, however, was when we ended […]

Happy Birthday Little E

Yesterday was Litte E’s birthday. I cannot beleive she in 9 already. She has been home sick for the past few weeks and in the hospital for much of the time. Looks like her birthday is filled with positive energy as today is her first day back at school. Happy Birthday Little E Little E […]

Happy Birthday G Man

Happy Birthday G Man. I cannot believe you are such a big boy already. 4 years old and enjoying all life has to offer. Happy Birthday G Man From the moment it arrived, G Man was hooked on Pete the Cat interactive children’s book. He is still little and unable to answer all of the questions, […]