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march roundup

March 2017 Roundup

March was such a wonderful month. I am so happy to share it with all of you. March 2017 Roundup Literacy Tuesday has took an amazing turn. We reviewed some traditional vowel sounds from the Long O to the Long U  and ended with the Tricky Y. The best part, however, was when we ended […]

january roundup

January Roundup 2017

Wow. The first month of the new year has already come and gone. It has been such an amazing month. In addition to all of our Giveaways, we have had great success as part of our Literacy Tuesday program. January Roundup 2017 I started off January with a trip to Riplie’s Beleve it or Not […]

holiday gift list 2016

Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2016

This has been an amazing year. We have had mostly the best of the best when it came to education. Here is a roundup of all the holiday gift lists. Complete Holiday Gift Guide 2016 If you are looking for the top toy in a specific category, feel free to click the title below. You […]

Best Toy Track System for Play

Best Toy Track System for Play

The boys love their train tracks. However, they mostly use it for trains. The Tobo Track system is so unique and amazing, the only way to discribe them is to watch the video below. Best Toy Track System for Play After you watch the video, let me know what you think of Tobo Track. Do you […]

Happy Birthday Little E

Yesterday was Litte E’s birthday. I cannot beleive she in 9 already. She has been home sick for the past few weeks and in the hospital for much of the time. Looks like her birthday is filled with positive energy as today is her first day back at school. Happy Birthday Little E Little E […]

March Roundup

March was a really amazing month. My girls and I got to test so many amazing toys and games. Here are our top pics from the month of March.

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