new friends book review

New Friends: Book Review

In New Friends, both Addie and Annie learns what being good friends can be like. New Friends: Book Review Book Summary Addie finally came to her forever home after a long adventure. It was not an easy journey, but she was happy to find Annie. Being home, was not as easy as Addie thought. She […]

the ice storm book review

The Ice Storm: Book Review

The Ice Storm is the second book in Ms. Addie Pants series. A book all about animal rescue. The Ice Storm: Book Review Book Summary The Ice Storm is a continuation from The Rescue. Just when Annie and Addie were ready to go home, regulations got in the way. Addie needed to go on a journey […]

how to window box

How to Window Box: Book Review

I have never really planed anything let along started a window box. I thought it would be a fun way to add some greenery to any home. How to Window Box: Book Review Book Summary How to Window Box, takes the reader on a journey from knowing nothing about planting to starting a window box. […]

i am the boss of this chair

I Am the Boss of this Chair: Book Review

I Am the Boss of this Chair is one of those books that are so funny, your kids will get a kick out of reading it. In addition, this is the perfect book for a nice deep conversation starter. I Am the Boss of this Chair: Book Review Book Summary Oswald Minkelhoff Honey Bunny III […]

at the driving of the golden spike

At the Driving of the Golden Spike Book Review

The Golden Spike was a very fascinating time in our history. It was a time when the north and the south would be united for the first time in history. At the Driving of the Golden Spike Book Review Book Review The Cullen family migrated for Ireland to find themselves out of work. The American […]

treasures in dark places

Treasures in Dark Places Book Review

I am sorry to say, but Treasures in Dark Places was not the book for me. Treasures in Dark Places Book Review Book Review Leanna Cinquanta lived quite an interesting life. For a large part of her life, she lived surrounded by nature. She loved a life of running wild, climbing trees and just exploring […]

wheres eli moore

Where’s Eli Moore?

Where’s Eli Moore? is a fun adventure book for kids. This book is not only amazing for the child who loves a fun adventure, but if you are looking to get your kids into chapter books, this book will be a great starting point. Where’s Eli Moore? We love all of you, and we love […]

No Go Sleep! Book for Toddlers

If you are looking for a book that is not only one of a kind, but one that your little toddler can relate to, No Go Sleep might be the perfect choice for them.

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