building toys for kids

unlimited stem fun

Pythagoras Magnets for Unlimited STEM Fun

If you are looking for a toy your kids will love while giving them unlimited STEM fun, you have got to check out Pythagoras Magnetic Building Tiles Pythagoras Magnets for Unlimited STEM Fun Do you think your kids will love¬†Pythagoras Magnetic Building Tiles? Pros:¬†easy to build with, comes with great colors, has a wide variety […]

wooden blocks

5 Reasons Every House Should Have a Quality Set of Wooden Blocks

I have written in the past about an amazing Block Center. While it may seem all nice and wonderful, not every home has the space for such a large center. Unit blocks are not only big, but they are super expensive. However, Thanks to Back to Blocks, your home can have blocks in them. 5 […]

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