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10 essentials camping and math game

Best Nature and Math Game Como

See what happens when you combine nature with math in 10 Essentials Card Game. A great nature and math game for you and your kids. Best Nature and Math Game Como Pros: encourages outdoor safety, has addition practice built in, sharing and collaboration, simple to learn, lots of practice to play, need other players to […]

i spy card game

I Spy Card Game with a Twist

If you have ever played I Spy and Go Fish, this version is a must see. There is nothing like I Spy Snap on the market. This is a must see card game to believe. I Spy Card Game with a Twist What do you think of I Spy Snap? Pros:  easy to play, fun to learn, […]

animal safari game

Animal Card Games Toddlers Can Play

There is a lot that toddlers can do. Playing card games is not one of them. Instead of saying no to them, check out these Animal Card Games your toddler can play. Animal Card Games Your Toddler Can Play Do you think your toddler will enjoy this deck of cards? After you watch this video, […]

Alphabet Friday: Letter ‘Rr’

In addition to sharing with you all of these free printables, I have a great giveaway. This card game will help your little one master his letters while having fun.

Super Duper Publications Metaphors and Similes

Teaching abstract skills when it comes to language can be difficult. Kids learn best by what they see and feel. We cannot touch language. Thanks to Super Duper Publications, the kids can have an easier time understanding Metaphors and Similes through this fun deck of cards filled with hilarious illustrations.

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